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THE Bay fans are promoting a third series after a series of unanswered questions in the cliff hanger finale of the second series

In the second series, Lisa Armstrong – played by Morven Christie in the ITV drama – was suspended from her role as a family liaison officer after hiding evidence of a teenager’s death in the first series

Lisa returned to work but in a demoted role that negatively impacted her finances and could afford her house

She soon gets into another murder after a man was shot dead on his own doorstep

Meanwhile, her ex-husband Andy reappears and since Lisa is in a vulnerable position, she takes him back before realizing at the end of the series that her decision was a mistake

The series ends with a series of unanswered questions One of the biggest is that Lisa’s colleague Med was killed after being knocked down in a car by a mysterious assailant

The events of the second series left fans of the show desperate for a third episode, and many have taken to Twitter to stand up for it

One wrote, “Crying for Lisa returning to her ex and then regretting it. I swear if we don’t get a third series it will be a crime”

Another added, “I never thought Morse, Lewis or Endeavor could go together We just finished #TheBay S1 and 2 We were wrong MUST be a third series must be quality drama”

A third tweet: “I just watched the second series of #TheBay on ITV Hub So So So Good, Great character development, lots of twists and turns, some fabulous accomplishments I hope there is a third series!”

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote, “Finally both series finished, really hope a third one is commissioned I’m obsessed with Morven Christie #TheBay”

Thankfully, their calls were answered as The Sun exclusively revealed that ITV has reopened the crime drama for a third series and will begin filming this summer

It will be filmed in the North West between March and July, with pre-production in Manchester already in full swing

The Bay will air on ITV at 9 p.m. tonight The first two series are available on ITV Hub

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The Bay

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