Like its main characters, Tell Me Your Secrets has a mysterious backstory It has been on the shelf for several years after TNT decided to cancel it after filming the entire first season Brett Weitz, General Manager of TNT, TBS and TruTV Said It Was “Not Right” For TNT But the finished thriller series starring TV vet Amy Brenneman and real-life couple Lily Rabe and Hamish Linklater apparently found a second wind (Rabe’s standout twist in the recent HBO limited -Series The Undoing probably didn’t hurt) Now the series created by Call The Midwife’s Harriet Warner is getting massively released on Prime Video

It’s not that TNT, home of The Alienist (about the hunt for a serial killer who murdered young prostitutes in 1896) and Snowpiercer (post-apocalyptic dystopian train) are precisely known for feel-good series, so turn down Tell Me Network gives you an idea of ​​how dark the series will get (note: extremely dark) It tells the story of three different people whose lives merge for the worst of reasons Raven plays Karen who, after turning into the incarcerated serial killer Kit (Xavier Samuel) fell in love, now “Emma” in witness protection in the tiny town of St Louisiana is James Brenneman is Mary, mother of a daughter who she believes Kit was kidnapped, and Linklater is John, a serial robber who tries to change his life when Mary hires him to find Karen p>

The lines between victim and villain blur throughout the series: is Karen as guilty as her boyfriend or was she a victim of manipulation? Mary, who now runs a charity to find missing children, has become obsessed with her grief and anger (compounded by the fact that she refuses to believe her daughter is dead while the rest of her family beg for closure ) which leads them to some hideous acts of their own.The generic character names John and Mary suggest that we are all just an evil impulse or unspeakable tragedy so as not to become the monsters we would otherwise loathe

And there’s no shortage of monsters in Tell Me Your Secrets Karen / Emma is the most personable of them all (thanks to Rabe’s reliably complex performance), and we’re not even that sure about them. She was introduced to her by her therapist Pete (Enrique Murciano ), the only person who knows where she is, warned to stay away from young girls but can’t help but defend young Jess (E’myri Crutchfield) in front of the official City Teen my Queen Rose (Chiara Aurelia ) Jess lives in a group house in town (drawing by Emma who grew up in nursing homes) which – you know what? – Has Secrets Too Tell me that your secrets are enough to stir up pagan suspicions and fear of pretty much any institutionalized system (a surprising attitude from the creator of Call The Midwife) or person: Almost every character we meet is more unsavory than the next The only likable ones, like Jess, have sadder backstories than Oliver Twists and often fates that turn out to be even more tragic

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The mission statement of Tell Me Your Secrets seems to be in the title (Originally Title: Deadlier Than The Male), but for the most part one has to wonder if revealing these secrets leads to a better path for anyone in the series’ opening scene Mary visits Karen in prison to ask her the truth about what happened to her daughter. But what if Mary can’t handle the truth? How often do we hear descriptions of kit bludgeoning women with a hammer? John wants to change as his meditation altar and often repeated soothing mantra show, but what if that just isn’t possible for him? Even if the revelation is necessary, since the group’s home is involved in a conspiracy that affects all of St. James, including John-Boy Walton himself, Richard Thomas, as city guides – the facts are almost too depressing to ponder What is the opposite of uplifting? Downlifting?

The three talented leads fight valiantly to rise above such rapidly descending material, as murky and sticky as the swamps through which Emma and Jess in St James The Mary / John relationship becomes all the more fascinating the more it develops, as she slowly realizes that trying to get a serial offender back on track Linklater is so multifaceted that John unlikely to arouse sympathy for a character who is almost completely unsympathetic.Raven has the toughest role and plays a conflicting character so charismatic that it seems anyone who wanders magnetically into its orbit gets stuck there, including a friendly policeman on site, who creates a relationship with her that appears to be for plot only The same goes for a scene where Emma accuses Pete of being in love with her, although there’s little evidence to support that statement (but hey, he has too Secrets!) And the inevitable fight scene of Emma and John is so brutal that you fear for the future of the real relationship between the two actors

Perhaps Tell Me Your Secrets would have done better in another era – but as it stands, 10 hours of depressing psychological warfare (achieved by menacing string instruments that sound like they are being strangled) probably aren’t a lot of jonesing around Dive in now Especially when the shocking twists and turns when they finally arrive somehow throw even more fire on the “Everything is horrible” fire Mary wonders if people can really change, but she has already done it since she was once a loving one A wife and mother who is now capable of behaviors completely alien to her in her previous life.But the cynical impression Tell Me Your Secrets leaves is that it is almost impossible to change for the better, despite Emma – and raven – do their best

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