Since his big 42-point night against the Utah Jazz on Monday, Ben Simmons, the guardian of the Philadelphia 76s, has had no opportunity to follow up.Although he was on pace against the Houston Rockets on Wednesday, Simmons just got Added to the Sixers’ injury report a few hours before the start of the game

According to Sixers head coach Doc Rivers, Simmons was dealing with stomach flu The fact that his illness was unrelated to COVID-19 was a relief, but Simmons was still sick enough to keep him dated against the Houston Rockets Keep court away

Fortunately, the 76ers were able to prevail with a win against Houston. Something similar happened again on Friday evening. Before the matchup against the Chicago Bulls, Simmons should return

With the fourth-year security guard listed as likely on the injury report, it seemed like the Sixers misunderstood his situation.Simmons not only didn’t participate in the team’s shootaround that early Friday morning, but was also against for the matchup Chicago technically questionable as Doc Rivers gave the impression that Simmons would rather miss the matchup than return

And the Rivers ‘instincts turned out to be correct.Not even half an hour after Rivers’ pre-game press conference, the ’76 Simmons were excluded from Friday night’s matchup after missing the last two games, the are Sixers confident their two-time all-star guard will be back on duty on Sunday when they take on the Toronto Raptors

The fact that he traveled to the Raptors’ makeshift home in Tampa for the multiplayer road trip is a good sign that Simmons could return, however, the 76s are likely to be back with this time around Exercise caution as his Friday absence was somewhat sudden and shocking for many

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