Shane Tuck’s sister Renee has spoken about the devastating decline of the late AFL great in the months before his death

The beloved midfielder, who played 173 games for Richmond, died last year at the age of 38 after an increasingly difficult battle for his sanity

An autopsy later revealed that he had a severe case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) due to concussions while playing football

The disease cannot be diagnosed until after death and has been found in other prominent former players, including Danny Frawley and Graham “Polly” Farmer, who all donated their brains to research

Speaking to 60 Minutes on Sunday night, Tuck’s sister, Renee, revealed how quickly he had receded in the months before his death

“He got very confused. It got a bit vague and sometimes you had to ask him three times and it really started to snow there,” said Renee

“Unfortunately we tried medication, we tried electroconvulsive surgery that made the brain fidget with depression. Nothing you would look at him and know he was leaving us

“He started grabbing and his motor skills were becoming demented and I knew from a year as a family trying to get him back that we were in big trouble”

On the program, Renee was shown firsthand how CTE had affected her brother’s brain

“(There were) so many emotions The reality of knowing what he went through every day and how hard it really was and how hard he fought for his life and for us,” she said

“That was a bit heartbreaking. He was broken and devastated, tormented and traumatized every day of his life. He lived hell this boy”

Tuck’s death could become a starting point for a deeper study of the links between concussions and permanent brain injuries

Earlier this month, Coroner Simon McGregor said a new investigation could emerge from the fine work of investigating Frawley’s death that included a number of recommendations, including encouraging gamers to donate their brains for further research >

He said his early view was that research had shown a link between “the real risk of serious lifelong injury in a for-profit job with high turnover among young people and therefore long delays for potential consequences”

However, he has yet to determine whether the case will lead to an investigation Interested groups, including the AFL and the AFL Players Association, have two weeks to review the scope of his investigation

Barrister Gideon Boas, who supported the investigation, said what set Tuck apart from Frawley and Farmer was that he was a player in the modern era of the game – in the AFL from 2004 to 2013

“This raises questions about what was known, what was done and what could or should have been done under the AFL,” he said

“The 2001 changes to the league’s concussion rules, including the recent introduction of a 12-day post-concussion hiatus for the 2021 season, raise questions about how the AFL dealt with sports-related concussions while head injuries of Mr. Tuck’s career and is now managing it “

Dr Boas said there was a list of players whose football careers had prematurely ended after serious consequences, including Jonathan Brown, Nicky Winmar, Heritier Lumumba and Shaun Smith

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