Kelly, who campaigns for hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, had a confrontation with Tanya Plibersek, who was captured by cameras

After weeks of controversy, Scott Morrison has publicly distanced himself from Craig Kelly, telling Parliament that Backbencher’s support for unproven Covid therapies does not match my views or the views and advice given to me by the chief medical officer “

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While Labor took advantage of the Bundestag resumption to increase political pressure on Morrison to publicly reprimand Kelly, Conservative colleagues including George Christensen and Matt Canavan rallied on behalf of Hughes and told him not to shut up be brought

The Backbencher has been campaigning for hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for weeks on Facebook and in the mainstream media, despite advice from the Australian Chief Medical Officer to the contrary. On Tuesday, Kelly told Guardian Australia that he may not have the Covid vaccine / p>

Morrison declined to decline Kelly’s frequent interventions on Monday, but with the government nearing the national rollout of coronavirus vaccines, the MP’s migration from unproven Covid therapies to explicit vaccine reluctance was seen as too far a bridge / p>

Morrison made two private attempts to reconcile Kelly as political pressure increased, but the MP continued to escalate, including a Wednesday morning confrontation with Labor front bencher Tanya Plibersek that was captured by television cameras

Kelly made a statement ahead of Question Time confirming that Morrison had asked him to support the vaccination program. The MP’s statement made no mention of whether or not he would continue to advocate unproven treatments

Kelly believes the therapies are justified, but his use of hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus contradicts the world’s most prestigious studies that have found it to be ineffective as a treatment and can have serious and even fatal side effects

But the fugitive MP agreed to “support the government vaccine roll-out approved by the medical experts”

Kelly noted that during their talks, the Prime Minister had “enhanced the importance of public confidence in the government’s vaccination strategy”

Labor made two attempts to get the outspoken Kelly out during Question Time, but Morrison made a public indulgence statement after the session, expressing his view, and tabled the MP’s statement

The Prime Minister said the views expressed by Kelly do not match my views or the views and advice given to me by the Chief Medical Officer

Morrison noted that Australia was more successful than other countries in suppressing the virus because “the council of experts, the council of medical experts that guided our response and the institutions were respected”

“Vaccination is critical, it is our primary responsibility this year as we continue to respond to the pandemic,” he said. “Our job is to keep the vaccine working”

Labor leader Anthony Albanese welcomed “the Prime Minister’s belated testimony as he distanced himself from the member’s comments on behalf of Hughes” He said Kelly’s campaign was dangerous

While Kelly’s free-range husbandry has irritated some government colleagues, conservatives have stood up for his cause

Christensen said on Facebook, “Labor, the left and the fake news media are launching an all-out attack on my good friend Craig Kelly for sharing dissenting views from medical experts on coronavirus treatments”

“They say Craig is dangerous to share these views when the relentless drive to silence dissent is indeed dangerous. The left is no longer trying to debate what is being said, it just wants dissidents to be Silence, censorship and cancellation ”

Canavan said, “I think we need more Craig Kelly’s willingness to say unpopular things because only challenging ideas will get us better ideas”

Frontbencher Richard Colbeck said Kelly did not drive the Fracas, Labor broadened his views “Mr. Kelly gets more airtime from advertising given him by the Labor Party than from his own resources”

The Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Health, Prof Brendan Murphy, told the ABC 730 program that although he had not personally worried Morrison about Kelly’s comments, he had noted on parliamentary committees, “I think everyone should take medical expert advice.”

Morrison intervened to save Kelly’s preselection from the final election after party moderators took action against him, but the government’s view is that an act of generosity is unlikely to repeat itself

Given the risk of losing his seat in 2018, Kelly armed internal warfare by refusing to be excluded from sitting on Crossbench in case he lost the Hughes shortlist

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