The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense is the one that carries them to the NFC championship game

Two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, perhaps for the last time Tom Brady leads the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to New Orleans to face Drew Brees and the Saints from the Superdome in the final game of the NFC Divisional Playoffs

Last Sunday, the Saints (13-4) advanced to the second round, defeating the Bears 21-9. Brees went 28 of 39 for 265 yards with two touchdown passes

The day before the Saints took care of business, the Bucs (12-5) took to the streets and beat the Washington Football Team 31-23.Brady tossed all over the field and went 22 of 40 for 381 yards with two touchdowns

The Saints won both meetings this year in a battle between NFC South rivals. Can Brady finally get a win against the Saints? Or is Brees marching with his team to a Super Bowl victory?

The Buccaneers will now face the Green Bay Packers in the NFC championship game at Lambeau Field next Sunday

Drew Brees tries to lead the Saints across the field. Brees throws a pass to Jared Cook.The pass is slightly behind Cook, bounces off his biceps and is intercepted for the third time.It is the first time in his career that Brees has triggers three interceptions in a playoff game

The fourth takeout for the @Buccaneers defense! #GoBucs #NFLPlayoffs 📺: #TBvsNO on FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https: // tco / kJOiprK712 BildTwittercom / SJTTckmgvv

After the second hit, Tom Brady sneaks in for a touchdown. Ryan Succop’s extra point is good

That is 21 points less than three sales of the saints and 17 unanswered points of the privateers

🐐 the QB-Sneak @ TomBrady extends the Bucs lead by 30-20 #GoBucs #NFLPlayoffs 📺: #TBvsNO on FOX 📱: NFL-App // Yahoo Sports-App: https: // tco / kJOiprK712 BildTwittercom / 7lHRcB2umz

Drew Brees attempts a throw against Alvin Kamara and is intercepted by Devin Smith, who returns him to the Saints’ 20 yard line.This is the second interception of the game for Brees and the third turnover for the Saints

Devin White playmaker #GoBucs #NFLPlayoffs @ devinwhite__40 📺: #TBvsNO on FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https: // tco / kJOiprK712 BildTwittercom / k7QjcsETLQ

Ryan Succop kicks and makes a 36-yard field goal to give the Bucs the lead and for the fifth time we’ve seen a change in leadership

A good trip through the Bucs as it lasted over six minutes Your defense got much-needed rest

Another big litter from Brady and it was his longest of the day He heats up at the right time

Each team scored a touchdown in the quarter. It’s now the fourth quarter

The Bucs are heading for the end zone, led by Ronald Jones in third and fifth place and with a touchdown Tom Brady zips a pass to Leonard Fournette who storms into the end zone Ryan Succop’s extra point is good and we have one Tie

FOURNETTE 💪 The Bucs benefit from sales and we have a tie! ImageTwittercom / FevKk4cGiv

Drew Brees makes a cross pass to Jarrod Cook to get into the Bucs area. Cook runs and fiddles with the ball after hitting Antoine Winfield Jr The ball is recovered from the Buccaneers by Devin White They pick up the ball and are in the territory of the Saints What a turn of events The Saints had the momentum and it shifted again

Winfield forces it and Devin White recovers for the Bucs! #GoBucs #NFLPlayoffs 📺: #TBvsNO on FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https: // tco / kJOiprK712 BildTwittercom / mjmrILLoEu

The Saints march straight across the field and on the territory of the privateer Drew Brees steps back and floats a ball and is caught by Tre’Quan Smith for his second touchdown of the game

A nice throw from Brees The Saints let the ball run for the majority of the drive to set up the TD We couldn’t have asked for a better start to the second half. Can the buccaneers be right back?

Brees with a BEAUTY 💫 2️⃣ TDs for Tre’Quan in his first second leg! #ForNOLA 📺: Fox ImageTwittercom / A7ZyH5jr8A

If you expected a shootout you’d be wrong, both teams’ defense and running games were key in the first half

The Saints ran 52 yards with Alvin Kamara leading the way with 10 runs for 44 yards, while the buccaneers had 60 yards on the ground and Leonard Fournette led the way with eight runs for 38 yards

The Sanits held Tom Brady for 93 yards and a touchdown to 10 of 21 The Bucs did a good job on whether Drew Brees got him 63 yards and an interception to 10 of 17

Which quarterback will break through in the second half? Brady got into a rhythm on the final run of the first half, while Bree’s struggled

The Buccaneers had a good run at the end of the first half, crowned by a successful 37-yard field goal from Ryan Succop (his second in half) at the end of the first 30 minutes

The Bucs messed up the running and passing game well to keep the Saints busy

The Saints add Jameis Winston to the game for Drew Brees Alvin Kamara is in the middle and a flicker returns to Winston who throws a pass to a wide-open Tre’Quan Smith, who is 56 yards for the Saints touchdown running

JAMEIS WINSTON 56-YARD TOUCHDOWN # ForNOLA #NFLPlayoffs 📺: #TBvsNO on FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https: // tco / kJOiprK712 BildTwittercom / lf8FVvOJib

In the first game, Tom Brady throws Mike Evans a touchdown pass from three yards to Ryan Succop making the extra point

Brady to Evans gives the Bucs the lead! #GoBucs #NFLPlayoffs 📺: #TBvsNO on FOX 📱: NFL App // Yahoo Sports App: https: // tco / kJOiprK712 BildTwittercom / iKNyEjQKEM

Drew Brees falls back to look for Michael Thomas and is intercepted by Sean Murphy-Bunting, who leads him back to the Three Yard Line of the Saints A great ball game by Murphy Bunting A golden opportunity for the buccaneers

Sean Murphy-Bunting is reaching for the interception! Bucs Ball at the three #GoBucs #NFLPlayoffs 📺: #TBvsNO on FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: https: // tco / kJOiprK712 BildTwittercom / HJeaXYgIpY

Ryan Succop arrives for field goal and converts from 26 yards to give the Buccaneers their first points of the day. They should settle for three when Brady gave Rob Gronkowski an incomplete pass on third and two

Defense has been the star of the game so far to keep both offenses out of the end zone

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Saints vs Buccaneers

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