About $ 35 million per month will be drained from the South Australian economy if the JobSeeker coronavirus supplement is cut in March, according to analysis of data from federal voters and the Bundestag library

The ten federal voters in South Australia lose more than $ 17 million every two weeks after the $ 150 top-up payment for jobseekers and youth benefits was scrapped as the Morrison government pulls back on emergency financial measures following widespread pandemic Shutdowns were initiated jobs, businesses and business

InDaily has examined the bottom line impact of South Australia using data from the Parliamentary Library, and estimated $ 17 million would be lost across the state every two weeks

The loss of local income can be overestimated or underestimated as some individuals may receive partial payments that have not been publicly disclosed

The federal seats of Spence and Gray would lose about $ 3 million and $ 2 million per two weeks, while Adelaide would be the third toughest electorate, losing more than $ 1 million

A single South Australian JobSeeker with no children is currently receiving a 14-day payment of $ 71570, including the $ 150 coronavirus supplement

From the 1st April the payment is reset to $ 56570, with South Australians returning on youth allowance to $ 25220 per fortnight

Figures from the Parliamentary Library showed that in December a total of 117216 people were employed at JobSeeker, youth allowance and related payments

Financial firm Deloitte noted last year that getting rid of the coronavirus boost amid the economic downturn would have far-reaching effects on the country’s economy, arguing in September that the reduced spending resulted in an average loss of 145000 full-time employees corresponded to jobs over two years

Deloitte reported that regional areas were performing worst due to the payment cut and that “every dollar that is pumped back into the Australian economy does more good than ever”

Guardian Australia recently released an analysis forecasting $ 300 million in national economic success if the supplements were released on Jan. March will be canceled

Spence Labor MP Nick Champion said while the effects of the supplement cut were being felt in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, the whole country would benefit from a permanent increase

“It doesn’t matter if you are in Elizabeth or Port Adelaide in central Adelaide or Cairns It is a national system that should be set so that people do not fall into poverty, “he said

The federal electorate data in boxes one and two (above) comes from the Australian Electoral Commission figures as of Dec. December 2020 The number of people in each electorate who received a coronavirus supplement in addition to the payments for JobSeeker and youth allowance (box three above) was obtained from the Bundestag library.InDaily has the number of recipients who received the coronavirus supplement, multiplied by $ 150 in each electorate to calculate the monetary loss lost every two weeks if the allowance was paid on Jan. March is removed and rounded to the nearest single decimal place

The following is a statement from the highest welfare group in the country calling for Unemployment and Youth Allowance to be increased in line with the Disability Pension Rate of $ 944 per fortnight for a single person

The calls were also backed up by reports demonstrating the greater immediate benefits of welfare recipients’ spending

But the federal government didn’t take its plans to increase the payment seriously Prime Minister Scott Morrison said last week that “more data” was needed on the youngest workforce before the government could take a decision
In response to questions about the welfare increase, the Office of the Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Senator for the SA, Anne Ruston, referred InDaily to comments made by the Prime Minister last week saying the matter is still under investigation

“In an ideal world, you would have a single rate for people likely to be affected by disability benefits, where people do not lead indulgent lives but get along, stay out of poverty, have decent levels of dignity and be on participate in society, ”he said

“We really need to focus on who actually works at JobSeeker Usually it is someone who has worked their entire professional life until they are laid off or laid off”

“Having to deal with this system that is not fit for purpose doesn’t keep people out of poverty, doesn’t get people to work, and then often they are really desperate to find a job just to find themselves excluded from the job market

“The coronavirus supplements have given people dignity and lifted people out of poverty across the country, and the government now seems determined to bring them back into poverty

“We really need to have a good public discussion on how to build a social safety net that gives people dignity and a role in society, ideally in paid work, but if not in paid work then some other meaningful way to make a contribution ”

Hindmarsh Labor MP Mark Butler said the prime minister’s plan to cut economic support is “not a plan for jobs”

“How many local businesses and how many local jobs will be affected if Scott Morrison cuts JobSeeker?” He asked

“With two million Australians looking for work or in more hours, and the number of Australians receiving unemployment benefits almost doubling since the pre-recession, it is incomprehensible that the government plans to cut JobSeeker”

SA Treasurer Rob Lucas reiterated the comments made by Reserve Bank Governor Philip Lowe last week that benefits should be increased

But like Lowe, Lucas said the “actual number” of permanent welfare benefits is a matter of the federal government

“This is a federal government issue We are aware of the fact that they currently have significant shortcomings, but we take this into account We agree with the arguments put forward for some ongoing arguments on the rise of JobSeeker, ”he said,

“In terms of economic stimulus, spending or income increases for those who win, much of it flows through the economy as it helps pay for the necessary goods and services that these households have spent money on how long it has been, the past 12 months or so

“From this point of view, it is A, good for individual households, but also B, since the reserve governor has indicated a benefit for the national economy and also for the economy of the state”

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