Lower ticket prices, better service and more flight options – this is what Australian travelers can expect as competition between airlines intensifies

The regional airline starts on 29 March the coast of Melbourne gold, from 31 March the coast of Melbourne-Adelaide April the coast of Sydney-Gold and after Easter the coast of Brisbane-Melbourne

Rex has only served smaller routes so far, but took the opportunity last year to purchase six of Virgin Australia’s wounded Boeing 737s

The company hopes to take on the lucrative routes in the eastern capital

West Australian aviation editor Geoffrey Thomas told Sunrise that Rex’s expansion is likely to lead to a “tariff war” with airlines “by cutting each other’s throats” by increasing the quality of their services and lowering prices

We already saw signs of this struggle when Rex sold seats on the new Melbourne-Sydney service for just $ 49

In the past few weeks, Virgin has hit Rex’s super-low prices, while Qantas has cut the cost of a one-way seat to just $ 99

Thomas said startup airlines don’t usually survive once they take off, but he believes Rex will be able to capitalize on its existing local traveler base

“The difference with Rex is that they have a huge, very profitable regional network and will rely on that network in the regions to provide traffic for their jet routes,” he explained

Rex Airlines

World News – AU – Rex launches flights from Sydney to Melbourne TODAY and announces brand new routes

Source: https://7news.com.au/sunrise/on-the-show/rex-launches-sydney-melbourne-route-and-announces-new-routes-as-airline-fare-far-heats-up-c-2260809