The Queensland border runs through Coolangatta Street, where yoga studio owner Emma Ceolin runs her business and brings her to the front of the pain caused by a year of border closings

From the 1st As of February, the Sydney metropolitan area will no longer be declared a hotspot, and millions of residents in 35 counties will be able to enter Queensland starting Monday without mandatory hotel quarantine

Ms. Ceolin said the ongoing border closings have impacted her future business plans and she hopes to have seen the last of them

“Much of our business came from New South Wales, so every time the border was closed our customers couldn’t get to us or were unwilling to wait in traffic as sometimes the traffic is just to cross the border up to four hours was possible, “said Ms. Ceolin

However, today’s announcement by the Queensland Prime Minister has received mixed feedback from businesses, tourism companies and residents unsure of the future

“We’re hopeful, but how long is it open? When will it close?” She said

“We’re not gearing up, we are not pushing the expectation that it will be open for a long period of time as the last time it was only open two weeks before it closed again and that was really daunting

“This time we’re a little cautious and waiting to see what happens”

“At a time when it is so unpredictable, we won’t feel safe investing in them again until we can be sure these outbreaks won’t happen and the border will be closed again. And me think this cannot be guaranteed until we have a vaccine ready and available “

Nathan Irving runs the Greenmount kiosk in Coolangatta and welcomed the news of the border reopening

“You beauty! Now we have no more cases so let’s open it all up and get back to normal trading,” he said

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“Thank you for doing everything [the Prime Minister] did to protect us all, and whatever the rest of the country is doing to protect us all and imprison us – it worked”

Mr Irving said 2020 was tough on business, but trading was strong during the Christmas and New Years celebrations

“Whether they’re from Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, or maybe from across the border, but in the last three or four weeks there has been an element of that,” he said

The border barrier was closed on 21 Kicked off December when numerous COVID-19 cases were reported in Sydney

Mr Irving said he remains optimistic that the border will not be closed again, but understands if further closings are necessary

“I don’t want anyone who comes here to the kiosk or anyone in my family to have it So if he can keep it safe, keep it safe, “said Irving,

Kelly Borg in Sydney is thrilled with the border announcement after going through the northern beaches in Sydney lockdown that kept her from visiting her mother, Joanne in Mackay

“We learned a good lesson last year on how to wait for a special occasion to see our parents so we can book some flights asap,” said Ms. Borg

This is her fourth attempt to visit her mother, who she hasn’t seen in two years after canceling three trips last year, including one for Christmas

“We’ll go before anything changes You never know what’s coming up with this virus – I just really want to see my mother, “said Ms. Borg

Mark Olsen, CEO of Tourism Tropical North Queensland, said the Cairns area has lost about $ 7 million a day to the pandemic since last March, and an increase in domestic travelers would be welcome

“Reopening with New South Wales will bring our region an additional million dollars,” he said

“Normally we would have more than 3Welcome 500 international visitors a day, so we need to increase demand

“We are facing a crisis of confidence so today is a good start, but the next three months will be of crucial importance for our region”

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