England coach Eddie Jones was unsure of the debate among experts

about the controversial decisions that helped Wales win the Six Nations in Cardiff

Wales scored four attempts against England for the first time in 23 years and lost 40-24 winners after benefiting from the indiscipline of the crowd

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French referee Pascal Gauzere instructed English captain Owen Farrell to speak to his players after a series of early penalties

They were just emerging from that crowd under the post, some were still taking drinks when the referee signaled that the game should be restarted

Wales No. 10 Dan Biggar immediately kicked the unguarded corner high so that Adams could catch and hit him

An angry Farrell protested the referee, saying “You need to give us time to reset” but was pushed aside

Not long after, the Welsh wing Louis Rees-Zammit dropped the ball in flight and threw its head back in dismay Although Williams picked him up for scoring, everyone on the field seemed to assume the game would be recalled for a knock -on

However, the TMO ruled that Rees-Zammit had dropped it on his leg, so even though it was traveling forward, it didn’t count as a knock

“It’s big decisions, we can’t discuss it – we mustn’t discuss it. All I’ll end up with is a fine and that won’t help anyone,” he said

“I’m speechless, this is a horrific referee,” he said of the first attempt in his role as a TV analyst

“His wingers came within 30 meters to join the conversation and he gave them two seconds to come back”

Former Wales captain Sam Warburton agreed, “I would be mad if I were Owen Farrell – you can’t answer in half a second,” he said

However, the two former British and Irish Lions captains disagreed on the impetus Warburton said it was a technically correct decision, and Johnson said 98 percent of the games would decide a break-off

Six Nations

World news – AU – Referee decisions trigger the debate about six nations

Source: https://www.rugby.com.au/news/2021/02/27/referee-decisions-spark-six-nations-debate