I am a celebrity Get me out of here! The winner and former Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise nominee said it took time to figure out her sexuality

“I didn’t get out but said I’ve been bi for a year I’ve been with women and I have the feeling that sexuality is fluid I don’t know either. Some days you feel gay

Some days you are feeling right now. I feel most comfortable saying I’m bi “”

Earlier this week Chatfield told PeachPRC on her “It’s a Lot” podcast, “I think I’m just gay”

“I’m with women and I’m still thinking about how to define whether I like a woman as a friend or whether I have romantic feelings for her,” explained Chatfield. “This is something I struggle with” ”

Chatfield first came to prominence on reality television as a contestant for Matt Agnew’s The Bachelor season

“I had slept with a woman and wasn’t sure. After my bachelor’s degree, I had the insight” ”

It was hammer time for a major player in the rap world when Confidential mentioned that Chris Hemsworth’s latest Thor film was being shot in Sydney

“I’m seriously a Thor guy,” said the D Ö C said “I’m freaking out F *** yeah who doesn’t like Thor? If I can get a picture with these people, life would be a lot sweeter, I’ll tell you” ”

The D Ö C, a founding member of NWA and Deathrow Records who was born Tracy Lynn Curry, is in town making his own movie with director Benjamin Millepied, who is married to another star who is currently making Thor: Love and Thunder with Hemsworth

“I didn’t know Ben was married to Natalie Portman, I didn’t know,” he said
“I’ll be sure to mention that when I visit him tonight” ”

Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky can also be seen in Carmen, as are Paul Mescal and Rossy de Palma

The D Ö C spent two weeks in quarantine in Adelaide to film his “small but important role” in Millepied’s modern retelling of one of the world’s most popular operas, Carmen

“What I do is going to freak most people out because I haven’t knocked in eons and put it on this thing” ”

The D Ö C will meet fans tonight for a screening of the GFunk documentary at the Palace Chauvel Cinema in Paddington

It’s something we’ve seen on the high-end runways for a while, and now everyday designers seem to be capitalizing on the global urge for diversity with collections for men and women

“In the last 12 months the world has changed rapidly,” the founder of Order of Style, Lana Coppel, told Confidential. “We are growing and developing every day. Accepting diversity and celebrating the life of all people is for the improvement of Humanity is critically important, and inclusivity within the fashion industry is a great way to embrace it “”

“A gender-neutral brand in the casual wear category is the perfect antidote for this pandemic lifestyle,” said Coppel. “In the past year, I’ve often gone to my husband’s closet to borrow a sweatshirt or comfortable trackies, and now he can finally do it too borrowing from my wardrobe Throwing away old “labels” and definitions is the way to create an attitude, a feeling and a belief that it is enough to be who you are “”

The Gogglebox couple have devoted themselves to fashion and launched the TMRW Kids online clothing store with their 15-month-old son Malik, who leads the campaign

“Malik will only pose in front of the camera if we give him a pickle to nibble on,” Matty told Confidential. “All of our brand shots have him holding a pickle and our unofficial hashtag for the start has become #raiseyourcucumbers” ”

The Fahd’s are one of the outstanding families in the successful Foxtel series Gogglebox, which will be available for the 13th Season returns

They perform in the common room of their Sydney home and, along with other families, criticize and comment on television shows

Jackie Weaver was at the center of a social media storm in the UK this week

Not the Oscar-nominated Australian actor whose name is Jacki, but the councilor to Jackie Weaver

Weaver, the British, was trending on Twitter and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote a song about her after a video of an explosive virtual contingency planning meeting held by the Handforth Parish Council went viral

There is even talk of who would play Weaver if a movie were made over the video Helen Mirren was mentioned, although we would have thought the answer was obvious, our Jacki of course

The video has drawn millions of viewers worldwide, with Weaver at the center of two rival factions within the council

Your claim that you have no authority here has become a buzzword after clashing with council chairman Brian Tolver claiming it was an illegal hearing that quickly wreaked havoc on the meeting

The parish council is the lowest level of government in Great Britain where parish leaders decide on planning proposals

A seven-minute video of the highlights of the meeting, edited for seven minutes, featured someone saying “F *** off” at the beginning while a toilet flushed in the background and another person opened the front door

The big highlight, however, was that Weaver had to compete with Tolver and other male council members in what has since been referred to as sexist bullying

“If you continue to disrupt this meeting, I’ll have to remove you from the meeting,” said Weaver before removing the chair from the virtual meeting

“I’m glad I didn’t sit up, my knees were shaking,” Weaver told ITV. “I didn’t feel as safe as I looked, but I was just determined that they could hold this meeting” ”

Later on about the attention she had received around the world, Weaver told Sky News, “I’m not exactly sure if it crossed my mind, but ask me tomorrow” ”


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