Rapper and legendary producer Dr Dre announced he was “fine” late Tuesday after being hospitalized with a possible brain aneurysm

“I’m doing great and I’m being well looked after by my medical team,” the music mogul posted on Instagram when reports of his condition swirled

“I’ll be out of the hospital and back home soon. Call all the great Cedars medicinals One love !!” Dre said, thanking his well-wishers

55-year-old rapper Andre Young is one of the most influential hip-hop figures who rose to commercial fame with the groundbreaking gangsta rap pioneers NWA before you create that typical West Coast G-Funk sound

The master behind the careers of greats like Snoop Dogg and Eminem became a self-proclaimed billionaire after co-founding Beats Electronics, an audio products company acquired by Apple in 2014

News of Dre’s hospitalization sparked concern on social media, including from fellow rappers with N.W.A co-founder, Ice Cube, tweeted, “Send your love and prayers to the homie Dr Dre “

His trip to the hospital takes place amid a rapid Covid-19 crisis in the Los Angeles area as well as Dre’s high-profile divorce proceeding with longtime partner Nicole Young

LL Cool J, a rapper who showed up at the same time as Dre, tweeted that the music tycoon was “recovering well” “

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