Qatar Airways has done a great job this year repatriating people around the world amid global health crisis Today, the Qatar flag bearer announced that it has sold more than 150000 ship workers brought home

According to a press release from Simple Flying, Qatar Airways has worked closely with governments and the maritime industry to operate hundreds of charter and scheduled flights on its seafarer repatriation missions and the airline aims to provide a welcoming experience, which is why a special one recently Mariner Lounge set up at the foot of Hamad International Airport In this lounge, passengers can enjoy amenities such as refreshments and high-speed WiFi while they wait for their connecting flight

Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways Group, spoke about the company’s efforts during this challenging time. He highlighted how the company had taken additional measures to make travel smoother

“Qatar Airways recognizes the crucial role of shipping and how important seafarers are for the openness and functionality of the global economy. As a token of our thanks and to demonstrate our support for the industry, we have set up our own Mariner Lounge at Hamad International Airport , which is free for all seafarers and offshore employees traveling with Qatar Airways, while waiting for their connecting flight to relax in comfort and enjoy the wide range of refreshments, “said Al Baker in the press release

“During the pandemic, we worked closely with governments and the maritime industry to operate as many flights as possible to facilitate crew changes and reunite seafarers with their families and loved ones”

The executive stressed that while many airlines no longer fly, their airline is committed to staying open to businesses to facilitate critical business travel, the operator plans to expand its network to over 125 destinations with this approach, it will continue with all stakeholders work together to keep seafarers and the economy moving

In particular, Qatar Airways’ repatriation efforts served many airports that the airline had not previously served. New destinations include:

Important locations for seafarers that the airline has served are Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Copenhagen, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Oslo, Sao Paulo, Seoul and Singapore In the meantime, scheduled flights to Cebu and Clark in the Philippines have been established

Overall, these operations are undoubtedly valuable to those struggling to find a suitable route home in the face of ongoing travel restrictions. However, Qatar Airways has no intention of discontinuing these vital services in this difficult climate

What do you think about repatriating over 150000 seafarers through Qatar Airways during the pandemic? Are you impressed with the airline’s efforts this year? Let us know what you think about the services in the comments section with

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