Washington | The crowd pushed past the police barricades, up the steps to the iron doors and in no time hoisted a Trump flag from the US Capitol

“Protesters are in the building” came the last words, recorded by a microphone with a live feed from the Senate, before it shut down

Hundreds of President Donald Trump supporters marched and roared through some of the Capitol’s most sacred rooms – on the Senate podium and in the Speaker of Parliament’s office – to protest the election and keep President Donald Trump in office

Trump, the defeated president, had encouraged protesters when Congress convened for a joint session to confirm Joe Biden’s victory

Among the risers set up for Biden’s inauguration at US Capitol, Trump supporters gathered

At least one person was shot, although it is not clear who pulled the trigger during the chaotic scene. Some in the crowd shouted “traitors” when officers tried to hold them back

As they stayed downstairs, they were told to have gas masks ready – and to remove the pins they were wearing to identify them as elected representatives

Glass was broken Some prayed while protesters knocked on doors Representative Dean Phillips yelled at his Republicans, “It’s up to you!” ????

A chaplain prayed as the police guarded the doors to the chamber and the legislature tried to gather information about what was going on

Announcements Loud: Due to an “External Security Threat” According to the tape, no one was able to enter or exit the Capitol Complex Legislators tweeted that they are seeking refuge

Reporters and lawmakers hid under tables as protesters knocked on the door demanding to be let in. Guns rumors spread, but it was not clear whether tear gas was fired alongside the one supposedly being distributed in the rotunda his

After the police made sure the hallways were clear, they quickly led people through a series of corridors and tunnels to a cafeteria in one of the office buildings of the house

As he walked out of the Capitol, Connecticut representative Jim Himes said he always assumed it could never happen hereâ ????

Representative Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania, among Biden’s challenging victories, accused “both sides” ???? for the mayhem in the Capitol

“What do you think happened in this country?” he has told reporters. Over the past four years there have been many people who have become more and more outraged about what is going on on both sides of the country. It’s just a shame That’s not how we go about in Americaâ ????

Vice President Mike Pence, who chaired the session, was evacuated from the Senate as protesters and police shouted outside the doors

Police evacuated the chamber at 2:30 p.m. and led the senators to the first of several unknown locations

As soon as they left, protesters roamed the halls shouting, “Where are they?” One climbed the podium of the Senate and shouted, “Trump won this election”â ????

Investors pushed equity and bank stakes significantly higher on Thursday after the US Senate battle fell in favor of the new administration

The outcome led some Republicans to blame President Donald Trump for preventing the party’s voters from going into effect with false claims that the Georgia elections were rigged

Four people died when supporters of Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol Major US newspapers have called for President Trump’s impeachment Pennsylvania Republicans voted against the state’s electoral college vote. Follow updates here

Four people died on one of the darkest days in modern American political history when Trump supporters stormed the Washington, DC Capitol

US Capitol under siege, US Capitol Lockdown

World News – AU – ‘Protesters are in the building’: US Capitol under siege

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