Half price flights to vacation spots across Australia are offered within a week as part of a COVID-19 recovery plan to these Australian destinations

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Aussies can from 1 April buy half price flights to destinations like the Gold CoastSource: Delivered

Half price flights to vacation spots across Australia are being offered to destinations like Tropical North Queensland and Kangaroo Island in South Australia as part of a recovery plan to help the ailing COVID-19 tourism industry

Holidaymakers can use the flights from 1 April booking The program will initially be implemented in 13 key regions including: the Gold Coast, Cairns, the Whitsundays and Mackay regions (Proserpine and Hamilton Island), the Sunshine Coast, Lasseter and Alice Springs, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie, Broome, Avalon, Merimbula and Kangaroo Island

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will announce the $ 1 billion support package Thursday under a plan that aims to “generate a rush of nearly $ 800.”Bringing 000 tourists to regions that have been severely affected by border closings “

The flights, routes and the total number of tickets are determined as required and are subject to final discussions with the airlines

Tickets are available from 1 April available and the travel period is from 1 May to the end of September

“This is our ticket to recovery – 800000 half price airfares to get Australians to travel and to support tourism companies, businesses, travel agents and airlines that continue to struggle with COVID-19 while our international borders remain closed”Prime Minister said

“This package brings more tourists to our hotels and cafes, tours and explores our backyard which means more jobs and investment for the tourism and aviation sectors as Australia joins our fight against COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed by so many businesses have harmed, want to win ”

“Our tourism companies don’t want to have to rely on government support forever. They want their tourists back. This package, along with our vaccine rollout, which is getting faster and faster, is part of our National Economic Stimulus Program and the bridge that will help them get back to life to return to normal trading ”

Aussies can from 1 April buy half price flights to destinations like the Gold CoastSource: Delivered

The reduced tariffs are offered for tens of thousands of tariffs per week in the first 13 main tourist regions

“We are working with airlines to increase the number of flights to these tourist areas This gives travelers the flexibility they need to organize dream vacations to destinations like Tropical North Queensland and Kangaroo Island, “said Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack

“In a big win for local communities, particularly in regional Australia, we will continue to fund flights that are critical to health and job opportunities”

As a replacement for the JobKeeper wage subsidy program, a new International Aviation Support program will also be introduced to help Australia’s two international passenger airlines get more than 8,000 core jobs in international aviation

And for tourism companies that are currently using the JobKeeper program, between the 4th January and 28 March a new loan program was offered to help businesses in trouble

The government spends $ 1 billion to support the tourism industry Image: John Feder / The Australian Source: News Corp Australia

Cheap corporate loans and direct assistance to Qantas and regional airlines are also offered to support jobs when the JobKeeper payment is made on Jan. March ends

The Morrison government will also provide cash to help regular passenger airports meet their domestic security clearance costs

The costs of staff training, certification and accreditation are also subsidized so that airlines can get up quickly when demand increases

This includes the reintroduction of discounts for the domestic aviation security check for more than 50 regular passenger airports

The existing loan guarantee system for small and medium-sized enterprises will also be expanded to include eligible tourism companies loans amounting to 40 billion USD grant

There have already been 35More than $ 3 billion in loans issued, but this program is being extended

In a statement, the Morrison government said the SME recovery loan program will benefit from an increased government guarantee that increases from the current 50/50 split between the government and banks to an 80/20 split. p>

This will encourage more banks to support small businesses and shows the government’s commitment to support those businesses that are ready to support themselves

The new system will increase the size of the eligible loans of 1 million USD 5 million under the current program Companies with higher sales also benefit from the extended program, with a maximum sales volume of 50 million USD to 250 million USD is increased

The loan terms will also be increased from 5 to 10 years This gives businesses and lenders more flexibility and offers borrowers a repayment vacation of up to 24 months

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said that more than 350000 current JobKeeper recipients are eligible under the extended program April and must be available before April 31 December to be approved

“Our support for the aviation sector will not only keep planes in the air, but also boost domestic tourism as long as our international borders remain closed,” he said

“The expansion and expansion of credit will help businesses that support themselves and help businesses that continue to struggle to bridge the other side of the crisis and keep their people busy”

Separately, the $ 94 million zoo and aquarium program is being extended for six months to help zoos, aquariums, and wildlife parks conserve their animal populations whose tourism revenues have been impacted by travel and social distancing restrictions

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