Posted: 15:34 GMT, 5 February 2021 | Updated: 15:55 GMT, 5 February 2021

Pete Evans has encouraged his followers to poke fun at Today show host Allison Langdon after she injured herself while filming a stunt for her show this week

Ms. Langdon, 41, was admitted to hospital after being “seriously” injured while hydro-foiling on the water during a taped portion for the breakfast program on the Queensland Gold Coast Thursday

One day earlier on Wednesday, Ms. Langdon brutally switched off MP Craig Kelly, a conspiracy theorist from Covid, in an interview This led to a number of responses from the former judge and conspiracy theorist at My Kitchen Rules

Former host of My Kitchen Rules, Pete Evans (pictured with his wife Nicola), was banned from Facebook for spreading dangerous conspiracy theories of Covid in December

Allison Langdon was badly injured in her leg while filming a stunt for the Today show on Thursday and had to pass through Gold Coast Airport in a wheelchair on Friday

In response to a post about Ms. Langdon’s injury, the majority of Evans supporters said Ms. Langdon deserved the injury for an unfavorable interview with conspiracy theorist Craig Kelly

Injury: The mother of two children, 41, injured her leg while hydro-foiling during a section recorded for the breakfast program

An example of the numerous comments on Evan’s post in the Telegram messaging app after booting from other websites

‘I hope she is well and heals quickly Foil boarding requires complete balance and presence,’ wrote the 48-year-old on Friday in the public messaging app Telegram

Evans began posting Telegrams in December after being banned by Facebook for spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation

The post resulted in more than 100 comments, with the vast majority saying that Ms. Langdon deserved the injury

What Happened: When Karl brought viewers up to date, there was dramatic footage on the screen of Ally being pulled out of the water after her accident

‘F ** k off! I don’t believe a word of it, she is looking for sympathy because there is backlash from public opinion Never trust anything that comes out of the mainstream news, ”added a third

Many were furious at Ms. Langdon’s interview with controversial politician Craig Kelly on national television, who repeatedly advertised unproven drugs to treat Covid-19 and questioned the safety of vaccines

Controversial: Liberal MP Craig Kelly (pictured) could see no problem with his appearance on the podcast of well-known anti-Vaxxer and conspiracy theorist Evans

Member for Hughes Craig Kelly and member for Sydney Tanya Plibersek clashed in Parliament on Wednesday morning after the podcast

Evans, a prolific conspiracy theorist and anti-Vaxxer, praised the rogue MP earlier this week after recording a 90-minute podcast on coronavirus together

Langdon barbecued the Liberal MP on Nines Today show where she told him, “Craig, I examined absolutely everything you put forward last night, every single theory has been debunked.”

Mr Kelly denied spreading misinformation, saying that Newcastle University professor Robert Clancy supported the use of hydroxychloroquine, a controversial drug that has been discredited as an effective treatment

Langdon urged him to stop promoting studies posted on his Facebook page at 90000 followers were not examined by experts, and asked him to stop questioning the vaccines

Craig, we’ve seen deaths from Covid, we’ve seen disease, we’ve seen mass job losses, hundreds of billions of dollars spent on government incentives All of our hopes are based on a vaccine. You have to be calm, ”she said

The host also told Mr. Kelly that he was in a position of authority and had “failed to do this”

“I was very disappointed that the Labor Party made this a partisan issue and attacked and smeared and slandered me and actually misrepresented what I was saying,” he said

“I just published one peer-reviewed article that included the opinions of professional professors and medical experts from around the world. The idea that I somehow posted misinformation is absolutely misinformation ‘

While others believed the injury was real, they said she deserved the accident after not listening to Craig Kelly’s views

Evans, a prolific conspiracy theorist and anti-Vaxxer, praised the rogue MP earlier this week after recording a 90-minute podcast on coronavirus together

“You, my friend, are a hero to many Australians, and I look forward to sharing a meal with you … maybe in Canberra in the not too distant future,” Evans said

Thank you Craig for sharing your perspective and the peer-reviewed and updated medical information from the world’s leading doctors and researchers on this ongoing fraud and human experiment, “he said

Unfortunately: Allison had filmed with co-host Karl Stefanovic when she had seriously injured her leg and had to be taken to the hospital

Mr. Kelly confirmed his appearance on the podcast with multiple media outlets and defended his decision to join the controversial television personality

Evans was banned from Facebook in December for repeatedly violating the website’s policies on Covid-19 misinformation Since then, his podcast has been deleted from Apple and Spotify

Ms. Langdon was later discharged from hospital and wheeled around Gold Coast Airport in a wheelchair with her right leg in braces on Friday

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