Adam O’Brien will struggle to name 21 healthy knights against Gold Coast this coming Saturday after defeating playmakers Mitchell Pearce, Kurt Mann and Tex Hoy in a bloody 22-13 loss to St George Illawarra lost to an injury at McDonald Jones Stadium on Sunday

Pearce, who was 300 seven days earlier Played the NRL game, was sidelined for a few months after being in the 25th Minute had left the field in tears and suspected a torn pectoral muscle

Hoy is expected to miss up to four games with a torn Achilles tendon, and Mann was badly affected and is unlikely to play the Titans

Former NSW and Australian executor David Klemmer, who was reported in the first half for two incidents, will be in the 60s Have a knee injury examined for a minute

Newcastle’s emergency room has already included Kalyn Ponga (shoulder), Bradman Best (elbow), Edrick Lee (foot) and Lachlan Fitzgibbon (shoulder), though O’Brien hopes to welcome Ponga back next Saturday

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McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle

Blake Green, who had returned from knee reconstruction, had been playing the Dragons for the last 30 minutes when O’Brien resisted the urge to play it longer despite Pearce’s injury

Backup five-eighth Phoenix Crossland is also out with a knee injury, and youth center Dominic Young suffered a knee injury in the NSW Cup game in Newcastle on Sunday

“I just had this conversation I don’t think I can call 21 [on Tuesday],” said a shaken and shocked O’Brien

O’Brien said Pearce would have scans done Monday to determine the damage to the left pectoral muscle injury he sustained while beating back rower Tariq Sims of St George Illawarra attacked

His first season at Newcastle in 2018, Pearce sidelined nine games after tearing his right pectoral muscle against West’s Tigers in April, and if scans show a fracture rather than a partial tear, Pearce is unlikely to be in this one Season returns, but O’Brien hopes for better news

“He’s going to have scans – it’s the other one he did before – but they don’t look good at all at this point,” said O’Brien

Ponga met with his shoulder surgeon last week and was about to play the Dragons, but O’Brien said he defied that temptation and was wrong on the caution side

“We’re hoping for KP [against the Titans] but if he’s wrong, he’s wrong, I’m not going to rush him,” said the coach

“We’re in the fourth round and it’s pretty much a slaughter for us tonight, so I don’t need to add to that by making hasty decisions now”

When Pearce left the field, O’Brien used Mann and Connor Watson in the half to stick to his original plan to bring Green back into play, but without Hoy the coach had no choice but to Green after half time put into play

“I didn’t foresee this, but it was about doing the right thing for Blake and not pushing him in too soon,” he said

“At the end of the day, the surgeon checked it off but we only thought of Greeny’s trust, it was the right thing to do and we stuck to the plan, but unfortunately Tex left at half time and Kurt left right after so we lost 7, 6 and 1 almost after half time “

Under normal circumstances, Klemmer would likely have been replaced after he was in his 60s Minute when he was attacked by Sims, but O’Brien had few other options

“He got his knee trapped but he had to stay out there because we had no one left – I think we had one on the bench for the whole of the second half,” he said

The Knights were leading 7-6 at halftime and 13-6 at halftime when support Josh King collapsed eight minutes from time in the second half They never looked like they were protecting their leadership

O’Brien said he couldn’t fault their courage or commitment and encouraged supporters to keep the faith even though the immediate future looks so bleak

“I think our members, sponsors and fans can rightly walk away from the scoreboard in disappointment, but I don’t think you can walk away with the character shown by the team,” he said

“I’ve seen teams get beaten by 40 and 50 this weekend that haven’t gone through the resilience that this team just went through That’s why I’m proud of her

“They have heart, they have character and that will benefit us in the long run. We will get injured boys back, but the foundation of a footy team over the long term has to be to delve into and try no matter what goes against you

Newcastle’s last chance came and went when Hymel Hunt was 75 Minute in the corner to recall the attempt because Mitch Barnett’s last pass was forward

Sims scored two tries against his old club, the second being out of the game from his second kick

The dragons were written off as competitors with wooden spoons by pundits and punters during predictions for the season, and have won three straight wins since their first game against Cronulla

Knights vs Dragons

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