Knights manager Adam O’Brien says the “real remorse” Mitchell Pearce expressed over his off-season texting scandal will “shake up” his squad if he steps down from the club’s captain >

Pearce said Thursday that he is now “taking steps to address the issues” that have led to his resignation. He read from a prepared statement and did not take questions from the media

O’Brien insisted that the decision be made by Pearce alone, and shared with him and CEO Phil Gardner earlier this week, before the ex-Origin halfback later collapsed and told his teammates about the move

Pearce’s wedding was postponed on Christmas Eve after his news was revealed to a female club employee Teammate Lachlan Fitzgibbon was friends with this employee’s partner

The 31-year-old’s behavior had heightened the likelihood of hostility among Newcastle’s squad, but O’Brien said the opposite happened amid the failure of the incident

“If anything, Tuesday was meant to electroplate them probably a bit You understand the team is like family You understand family members make mistakes

“We are a good family. You don’t turn your back on family members, you support them. This is what the team talked about

“There was real regret in that meeting, and I think the players could clearly see that there was a guy up there who really was flawed – a big flaw that hurt some people

“This fact was clear to the playing group I think this got the group going. They realized they had a family member to look after”

In his brief statement, Pearce said he had decided it would be best for the club to give up the Newcastle captain he has held since arriving at the club in late 2017

“For me it’s been traumatic weeks for my personal life and for those I love,” said Pearce

“Unfortunately my actions influenced the team and especially the people who are closest to me – Kristin and my family

“I am now taking steps to address these issues and I think it would be in the club’s best interest to step down as captain for this season

“I love this club and I love my family and I am determined to work as hard as possible to be the best man I can be, both on and off the field. I would appreciate some respect and look forward to some time to get back to training “

O’Brien was reluctant to inquire about Pearce’s future at the club after 2021 after delicate contract negotiations were suspended during the Christmas break

A wage cut from the four-year multi-million dollar deal that drew him to Newcastle as a star signer in 2017 emerged long before his last off-field drama

“The most important thing for Mitch is to be in this field with his teammates today

“I’ll say that, Mitchell Pearce’s best football is a great addition to this club and that doesn’t easily match his teammates. That’s what they said

“They want Mitchell to play his best football out there, and I think these discussions will of course take place”

As the captain’s successor, the Newcastle hierarchy has been considering a change since the end of 2020, with O’Brien considering a new management model “in the last six months”

Older candidates for captaincy, be it sole skipper or co-captain, include injured half Blake Green and representative strikers David Klemmer and Tyson Frizell

O’Brien said he was already concerned about the pressure Pearce was under throughout 2020 as he led the Knights back in half to the final despite a decline in his own form and a constant swap of partners / p>

“Take this situation out and I felt like Mitch was under immense pressure last year regarding the injury we had,” said O’Brien

“I know Mitchell Pearce plays his best football as our number seven will of course take the lead in the game

“So I’m happy with not having the ‘c’ next to his name because I know that because of the position he plays on the team and the person he is, he will lead

“I’m not going to let [Pearce’s off-field drama] hasten a process that will happen next month that will give us time to announce who will be the best leaders for us this season by doing this you can train these qualities in the preseason “

Mitchell Pearce

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