Posted: 11:21 GMT, 5 January 2021 | Updated: 12:02 GMT, Jan. January 2021

An NRL star has been caught in a fake extortion video of a chilling confrontation alleging he assaulted and threatened his former manager

Former Kiwi Test striker Elijah Taylor has broken his silence to deny any involvement in the YouTube video allegedly made by him and his former manager Ian Miles

The video was made after 30-year-old Taylor recently won a civil court against Miles that ruled him over 350 over a four year periodHad exempted $ 000

The video, which has since been privatized on YouTube, shows two men involved in a heated argument in the back seat of a moving car

A man who pretends to be Taylor but is referred to as “Jase” in the video slaps and beats another man in a tie and suit who claims to be Miles

Elijah Taylor (pictured with wife Poko in 2018) insists he wasn’t filmed in an ugly confrontation that went viral online before it went private

“Give me a good reason why I shouldn’t beat you up,” asks Jase

The other man replied: ‘Cause we went a long way back and I fucked myself I lost the money’

He pulls out what appears to be a Stanley knife and threatens to stab the other man unless he pays

An angry Taylor broke his silence to insist that neither he nor Miles are on the video

Elijah Taylor has denied any involvement in the YouTube video (pictured) allegedly made by him and his former manager Ian Miles

‘I need to contact YouTube and try to remove it I don’t want people to think I am like that

‘I’m angry and hurt at Miles for what he did, but I would never take such action’

The video remained public on YouTube for much of the day until it was privatized Tuesday night after viewers asked if the footage was real

Elijah Taylor’s former manager Ian Miles (pictured) was also implicated in the fake extortion video he has had Taylor over 350 over a four-year period$ 000 defrauded

Taylor recently received $ 484 in damages and costs from a Christchurch court$ 824 after receiving more than $ 350 from his former long-time manager000 USD had been defrauded

“Elijah is shocked when Ian was a close friend and someone he trusted his money to,” a source close to Taylor recently said

Taylor has played 186 NRL games for the New Zealand Warriors, Penrith Panthers and most recently Wests Tigers since 2011 before being fired from the club at the end of the 2020 season

Ian Miles was Elijah Taylor’s manager for more than four years. He is pictured with family members in Sydney

Elijah Taylor (pictured at a Wests Tigers press conference in 2020) has broken his silence over the fake extortion video

Last week he signed a two-year deal with British club Salford Red Devils to play in the upcoming English Super League

Elijah Taylor (pictured with his wife and two of their children) is very hurt and angry about his former manager’s actions, but says he would never harm him personally

The man who pretends to be Taylor appears to be named “Jase” in the fake video while the other pretends to be Miles

M: Because we went a long way back and I fucked myself (J slaps him in the face) Oww I lost the money

J: Ya f *** in ‘dog (hits him on the back of the head M loses his glasses and raises his arms to defend himself

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