The great golfer Greg Norman broke his silence on this beach photo two months after flooding the internet

For those who aren’t up to date, The Shark uploaded a photo of themselves – shirtless – and their dog walking on a Florida beach in November

At first it seemed like any other beach picture and was even given the simple heading: “A man and his dog on a Sunday”

But it wasn’t long before people discovered something that was hard to see in Norman’s swimming trunks

The snapshot even caught the attention of social media star Paige Spiranac, who commented, “Greg‘ The Shark ’Norman More Like Hammerhead Shark”

Well, two months after the photo melted social media, Norman has brought up all the unrest he’s caused

“I was just out with my dog ​​and it is what it is,” he told The Herald Sun

“I think some of the comments were funny and I don’t usually read the comments so it was quite a lot of fun”

GOLF LEGEND GREG NORMAN returns to hospital for more COVID-19 treatment, says he never feels this sick

The Shark spoke ahead of the debut of Channel 7’s family-friendly series Holey Moley, which will premiere at 7 a.m. February at 30 p.m.

Norman is currently isolating at home in the US after previously hospitalized with COVID-19

“I’m fit and strong and have high pain tolerance, but this virus blew me away like nothing I’ve ever experienced before,” Norman said last month,

“Headache that feels like a chisel that goes through my head and scratches a little each time, fever, muscles that just wouldn’t work the way they did yesterday when I was walking my dog ​​Apollo My quads and hip flexors just didn’t want to tire out of work ”

Greg Norman

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