A convicted extremist terrorist is the first onshore dual citizen to have citizenship revoked for terrorist offenses

After 12 years in prison, the radicalized terror plotter Mazen Touma is critical of anti-terror programs in NSW prisons

Abdul Nacer Benbrika (aka Abu Bakr) is the first to have his citizenship revoked for terrorist attacks on land Image: ABCSource: News Limited

One of the most notorious terrorists in the country was stripped of his citizenship prior to his release from Victorian prison

Home Secretary Peter Dutton confirmed that Algerian-born convicted terrorist Abdul Nacer Benbrika, the spiritual leader of Australia’s largest terrorist network, received his Australian passport on Aug. November canceled

Benbrika was sentenced to at least 12 years in prison in 2008 for his role in conspiracies against high profile targets in Sydney and Melbourne

Abdul Nacer Benbrika (aka Abu Bakr) is the first to have his citizenship revoked for terrorist offenses Image: ABCSource: Delivered

“This is a very grave belief and the penalties underscore that we believe that in these circumstances it is appropriate to take the action we have,” he said

The tough stance of the Morrison administration was supported by the opposition Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Penny Wong said the laws stripping Benbrika’s citizenship were approved by her party in parliament

“Removal of citizenship was a big step, but a necessary step in certain circumstances, and we are all familiar with Mr Benbrika’s activities and beliefs,” she told ABC on Wednesday afternoon

Benbrika becomes the first person to have citizenship revoked on land under the terrorist provisions of the government’s Australian Citizenship Act

He was convicted of deliberately being a member of a terrorist organization and deliberately directing the activities of a terrorist organization

He should be released this month but will remain in prison as a restraining warrant is enforced. The government has tried to keep him behind bars for an additional three years on an ongoing warrant

Mr Dutton would not confirm whether Benbrika would appeal the decision, but said the government could request his deportation even if he still had time to serve

Abdul Naser Benbrika has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for his role in terrorist attacks against Melbourne and SydneySource: News Limited

“If there was an opportunity to remove threats from Australia or prevent them from returning to Australia to commit a terrorist attack here, we would of course consider each of those options,” he said

“In general, people serve their sentences and are then deported or immigrated until they can be deported from Australia

“The more we can prevent these people from returning to Australia, the faster we can deport these people, the safer the Australian public remains”

There are concerns that the move could make Benbrika unreachable to Australian authorities if insulted again, but Mr Dutton said his top priority is the safety of Australians

“It doesn’t matter who it is If it is a person who poses a significant terrorist threat to our country, we will do all we can under Australian law to protect Australians”That remains our priority with regard to Benbrika,” he said

“We are going to court which we believe gives us the best opportunity to keep Australians safe”

The Home Secretary said 20 dual nationals had their citizenship revoked for terrorist behavior

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Abdul Nacer Benbrika

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