Posted: 14:55 GMT, Aug. February 2021 | Updated: 19:15 GMT, Jan. February 2021

Tennis star Nick Kygrios’ on-off relationship is restored after he delivered a secret message to his glamorous girlfriend shortly after his first-round win at the Australian Open

Chiara Passari sparked speculation the couple shared last week after uploading a cryptic Instagram post condemning “scammers”

The couple stopped following each other on social media, while Kyrgios appeared to have deleted several photos of the loved one on his Instagram

Ms. Passari was nowhere to be seen in the stands when Kyrgios faced the Portuguese Frederico Ferreira in the first round of the Tennis Grand Slam in Melbourne on Monday evening

But the relationship is certainly restored after Kyrgio’s wife Passari sent a subtle but romantic message on national television following his win over Ferreira

Nick Kyrgios confirmed he is still with his girlfriend Chiara Passari (pictured) by posting a photo of a video call late into the night after his Australian Open victory

He later shared an Instagram story of a late night video call to Ms. Pissari from his hotel room

“My recovery for the night,” he captioned the post, showing them both lying in bed and talking in video chat

He’s also followed his girlfriend on social media again, with Ms. Passari at the top of his list below on Instagram

On Monday, he uploaded an Instagram story of a throwback photo of the couple that was first posted six months ago

Nick Kyrgios scribbled a bubbly message for his girlfriend shortly after winning his straight sets on day one of the Australian Open on Monday night

‘Miss u Chizzel’, Nick Kyrgios scribbled on the television camera lens in a loving dedication to his girlfriend Chiara

Kyrgios has since also replaced his Twitter profile photo with a beloved picture of the couple

It comes a week after Ms. Passari shared a cryptic social media post last Tuesday about “Scammers Who Are Unfaithful”

“Scammers always want you to be loyal while unfaithful,” the Instagram story reads

In another post from a few weeks ago, she shared another mysterious message about ‘fame’ and domestic violence ‘

‘Domestic violence and emotional abuse will never be okay.’ Talent ‘doesn’t deserve fans if that’s the guy you are,’ the message reads

The pair started last July, just three months after Kyrgios split from Russian tennis player Anna Kalinskaya

Your friend, currently number 47 in the world, beat the Portuguese Frederico Ferreira in straight sentences on Monday evening in the John Cain Arena, his favorite spot in Melbourne Park

But it hadn’t been long before Kyrgios sparked controversy when he made a bizarre query to the entourage in his player’s box at the beginning of the first set when he lost 2-0

The box contained his father Giorgos, his sister Halimah, his brother Christos – and his brother’s girlfriend, bodybuilder world champion Alicia Gowans

Kyrgios had a heated exchange with one of his managers during the final substitution

Ms. Gowans is a three-time world champion in beauty fitness and fashion and a sports nutritionist with 471000 Instagram followers

World number 47 Nick Kyrgios appears to be back with girlfriend Chiara Passari (pictured together) after dating the couple for the first time last July

Kyrgios fought back to win the first set 6-4 and won the following sets with the same score

The fiery star has only played four games since saying goodbye to world number two Rafael Nadal in the fourth round of the Australian Open last year

He joins four fellow Australians who made it into the second round on the first day, including Bernard Tomic after his Japanese opponent Yuichi Sugita retired 4-1 injured in the third set

Kyrgios cleared his comments after the game, insisting that they were not directed at his brother or wife Gowans

‘I’m a sucker when I’m on the pitch It was just fight type heat, you know,’ he said

‘Bringing all those emotions back out you are in contact with people who you know have your back and you know that won’t change

‘Lots of people can relate to outbursts, just verbalizing it and sometimes attacking someone

Nick Kyrgios (pictured) fought back prematurely from 2-0 to win the first set 6-4 and the second set with the same number of points in his first round

The star also used his win as an opportunity to respond to comments from his tennis rival Novak Djokovic, who said on Sunday that he did not “very much respect” Kyrgios off the field

‘It’s strange to me I read his comments. He said he doesn’t respect me off the field, “Krygios explained after the game

“It would actually make sense to me if he said,” I don’t respect the man on the court “because I understand if he disagrees with some of my antics on the court that I ‘have in the past done ‘

He compared his actions during the pandemic – delivering food to those in need, helping charities, and following rules to make sure he didn’t spread the virus – to Djokovic’s

The Serbian sports star held an exhibition tennis tour with no social distancing in June and caught the virus herself

‘One goddamn tennis player but sadly someone who goes shirtless partying during a global pandemic I don’t know if I can do anything for this man

Kyrgios also punched Novak Djokovic (pictured during his first-round game on Monday), saying the Serbian star’s actions were “as bad as it gets” during the pandemic

“I haven’t played a Grand Slam match in over a year,” he said afterwards to Jim Courier, the Channel Nine commentator

Kyrgios paid tribute to the vocal crowd despite the empty rows of seats in the John Cain Arena, which is the world’s favorite to play

We all got through it together I think, in order to make this possible I’m just super grateful that you guys are coming out

Nick Kyrgios made a bizarre request to someone in his player’s box on Monday evening (picture) (from left to right, his father Giorgos, his sister Halimah, his brother Alicia Gowans’ girlfriend and his brother Christos)

‘It was amazing, it felt normal, to be honest you were crazy, it was good to see, hopefully we can go on’

Kyrgios also opened up in the last 12 months disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, with much of it being spent in his hometown

‘Less I’ve been very lucky that COVID didn’t affect me or my family, but Canberra had no case for over six months, so we were very lucky

‘I got to spend some quality time with my family that was really fun I used it as a massive reset I’m just glad to be out here again’

A lit Nick Kyrgios (pictured) reaches the second round of another Australian Open

The bizarre request to his entourage during the opening stages of the game brought social media to a collapse after being captured by live television cameras

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