A neo-Nazi group leader allegedly assaulted a security guard in the Channel Nine building in Melbourne before the network broadcast a story on a topical issue about his organization’s activities

Channel Nine reported that Thomas Sewell, a former member of the Australian Defense Forces who is a leader of the far right Nazi network and who appeared on A Current Affair on Monday night, arrived at the Channel Nine building in Melbourne time before the program aired should

He and another man arrived at the building ???? which is also where The Age offices are located? and requested to see A Current Affair employees

The couple were then escorted by a security guard who was allegedly assaulted and beaten several times by Mr. Sewell

Still images from a video of an alleged attack on a security guard in the Channel Nine building in Melbourne

Victoria Police received a CCTV vision of the attack The Channel Nine security guard was rushed to the hospital by ambulance

The program reported that Home Secretary Peter Dutton had confirmed an ASIO recommendation to officially ban another group, the UK-based Solar War Division, a “terrorist organization”

The group was banned in the UK after some of its members were jailed for terrorist attacks, security agencies fear that promoting terrorism could inspire local extremists

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A Channel Nine spokesman said in a statement that the police had the broadcaster’s full cooperation in seeking justice. We support the attacked employee Nine is committed to providing a safe work environment for all of our employeesâ ????

The Age reported in January that 38 members of Mr. Sewell’s organization burned a cross over the weekend of Australia Day a ritual normally associated with the Ku Klux Klan? next to Lake Bellfield at the foot of the Grampians to the west of Victoria

Still images from a video of an alleged attack on a security guard in the Channel Nine building in Melbourne

James, who lives in Halls Gap, told The Age that when he passed the group on his mountain bike, he was greeted with a victory Heil

??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????? This is intimidating for anyone, let alone the young Asian families who share the barbecue area Said James

“They looked like Nazis from a Hitler movie” A cafe owner from Halls Gap shared her experience with the group of men on Australia Day weekend and it was themâ ????

Mr. Sewell has tried in the past to distance his group from those who advocate violent acts

His social media posts show that he is a racist conspiracy theorist targeting marginalized, underemployed young Australians on the fringes of society.He is also ex-Australian Army

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Thomas Sewell

World news – AU – Neo-Nazi urged journalists to allegedly beat up Channel Nine guard

Source: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/neo-nazi-demanded-to-see-journalists-allegedly-bashed-channel-nine-guard-20210301-p576vw.html