Miranda Kerr shared the heartbreaking news that her grandmother died just weeks after she laid her grandfather to rest

“You are the heart of our family, you are the reason we are all so close, you are the reason we have trust, you are the reason we are all naughty,” wrote Kerr

“You put a wink in all of our eyes, you brought so much light and love into this world through everyone you met

“Everyone who met you was lifted up by your presence You’re the reason I am who I am””

The supermodel went on to share how her Nan taught her to cook, dress, and take care of herself, her husband, and their children

“You are our compass and you will continue to be that compass for me and our children for the rest of our lives,” she wrote

“Thank you, Nan, for being everything a girl could ever want from a Nan and so much more”

The news comes just two weeks after the 37-year-old laid her grandfather to rest and asked her Nan to “give Pa a big hug for me”

In a touching tribute to her grandfather earlier this month, Kerr shared a photo smelling a flower and saying that his “spirit will continue to live through our family and all those he loved”

“And although we all knew his time on this earth was coming to an end, it didn’t make his death easier”

Tragically, Kerr wrote at the time that her grandfather was able to rest knowing that her Nan was “surrounded by so much love and support” without knowing that her grandmother would join her husband a few weeks later

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Miranda Kerr

World news – AU – Miranda loses two loved ones within weeks

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