It’s a beautiful day for a white (home) wedding Tiffany Trump, the youngest daughter of outgoing President Donald Trump, 27, announced that she is engaged to her two-year-old boyfriend Michael Boulos, Tiffany brought the Message on Instagram with a gorgeous photo of herself and her future husband, 23, standing in a corridor outside the White House with a diamond ring sparkling on her left hand

“I was honored to celebrate many milestones and historic occasions and to create memories with my family here at the White House, nothing special but my dedication to my amazing fiancé Michael! I feel blessed and excited for the next chapter, “she said of her post on Jan. January Here are five things you should know about Michael, whom Tiffany chose for life:

It may have been uncomfortable when Tiffany brought Michael home to meet the family for the first time. Nigeria is one of the places President Trump referred to as the “sh * thole country” when he met with Senators in 2018, Michael was born in Kfaraakka, Lebanon but moved with his parents to Lagos as a young boy, where his family’s business, Boulos Enterprises, operates, the motorcycle company is extremely successful and Michael is an heir to the multi-billion dollar family fortune

Michael and Tiffany started dating in the summer of 2018 after breaking up with longtime boyfriend Ross Mechanic, the two reportedly met in Mykonos, Greece, where they both partied over the summer (Tiffany at Lindsay Lohan’s Club) and hit it off immediately While keeping things under wraps at first, Tiffany took up the relationship publicly by inviting him to Mar-a-Lago with her family for Thanksgiving later that year

It helps that they are his family’s business Michael has been appointed deputy director of SOCA Nigeria, a conglomerate that has been involved in furniture manufacturing and interior design, automotive assembly and sales, power generation, retail and trade since 2016 He was just 19 years old His father remains the CEO He became a director of the Fadoul Group in 2019 and in the same year Business Development Manager of Royalton Investment

After graduating from the prestigious American International School in Lagos, Michael attended the college of Regent’s University London, where he studied Global Business Management of the City University of London He currently commutes between London and Tiffany in the USA

Tiffany’s mother, Marla Maples, told Town & Country that she “Michael adores Tiffany’s big sister, Ivanka Trump, 38, raved about her engagement on Instagram when Michael posted his own engagement announcement,” I love you Michael! ” she wrote and added a heart emoji.Although Tiffany’s father never publicly mentioned his future son-in-law, it is clear that they get along well.He even invited Michael and his parents to Christmas Eve 2019 at the White House and his state of union in February 2020 a

Michael Boulos

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