LINCOLN, Neb, Jan 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Metos USA, a US-based subsidiary of Pessl Instruments GmbH (Austria), has an agreement with US telecommunications provider Paige Wireless to manufacture and customize hardware and smart crop solutions for their innovative LoRaWAN Network Closed For the past several years, Paige Wireless has worked tirelessly with local communities across the American Midwest to achieve extensive coverage of their network in many areas currently underserved by other telecommunications sources with the existing network, but work shifted to increasing the number of information capture solutions that can reliably communicate and provide customers with accurate, real-time environmental conditions throughout their operations. Partnering with Metos USA gives Paige Wireless access to a full range of environmental monitoring solutions for the agricultural sector, Urban Planning, Turf Management, and Ecological Research, in turn, provide plug-and-play solutions for individuals that combine communication skills and monitoring hardware for irrigation management, environmental impact research and sustainability in the many different segments of natural resource allocation and tracking

“I see this as a great partnership that can help us bring Paige wireless communication solutions to other parts of the country where communication seems to be a problem Without reliable coverage, thousands of small businesses are limited to what they do physically see while managing their operations. This partnership provides the precise tools to measure the environment, as well as the inexpensive means of communicating these metrics, and provides an immediate benefit to any customer who wants to know exactly what is happening in their business “- Derek Brazda – Metos USA – Midwest

“This partnership equips our customers with the tools they need to ensure long-term sustainability, and provides farmers, ranchers, town planners, golf courses and researchers with data that is critical to running Metos USA committed to ensuring the quality and consistency of the solutions brought to market. We are proud to continue to be a partner! “Jerry Prange – Paige Wireless

About Metos USA: Building on the 35 years of industry experience of Pessl Instruments GmbH on a global level, Metos USA has been operating in the USA since 2014 and offers tools for informed decision-making. A full range of wireless, solar-powered monitoring systems under the iMETOS® brand and a FieldClimate online platform are applicable in all climates and can be used in different industries and for different purposes – from agriculture to research, hydrology, meteorology to flood warning and more. Over the years iMETOS® has become a global brand with Developed with local support and managed to reach almost every corner of the world The iMETOS® brand lasts longer, performs better, is easier to use and gives you the lowest total cost of ownership

About Paige Wireless: Paige Wireless is the innovative arm of Paige Electric Co, LPwith a focus on delivering connectivity solutions to a wide variety of currently underserved industries for remote data collection, task automation, security and asset management, resource control, observation, installation and much more Paige Wireless is expanding its range of connected solutions Paige Dramatically Solves the Limitations of Wired Connectivity By providing fully integrated solutions, Paige Wireless enables the rapid adoption and realization of the latest technological advances. Paige and Paige Wireless span 30 unique markets and all seven continents and are the world leaders in innovation Cable and wireless solutions


World News – AU – Metos USA and Paige Wireless are partners to sell and promote LoRaWAN solutions and networking capabilities in the US