The season eight reunion with Married At First Sight started with a bang at the dinner party on Wednesday night when it was found that attendees Booka Nile and Jake Edwards were kissing New Years Eve

Jake’s ex-wife Beck Zemek claimed it was “the kiss that broke the camel’s back,” but Booka Nile recounted what really happened when the hickey occurred

When speaking with 9 Entertainment, Booka revealed that she had shared a kiss with about 10 of her friends on New Years Eve and one was Jake

“I kissed Beth too. I kissed Beth and Beth and Jake also kissed. That was literally like a tradition that we were in my family and in my group of friends it’s just damn normal, “she told the publication

“I regret it and I wish it hadn’t happened because it had a carry-on effect and hurt Beck Because you know what something means to me: Beck I regret it. If I could go back, I wouldn’t do it one hundred percent, “said Booka

“[Rebecca] felt these feelings. Whatever grew up inside her was caused by things that happened to her in her past and also by the kind of people she hang out with. We come from different worlds”

Beck also spoke to Nine about the infamous kiss, saying it was more of Jake’s behavior than the actual act

“It wasn’t necessarily the kiss that affected the relationship, but it was more Jake and his responsibility afterwards,” she admitted

“To blame for it I think I was told it didn’t happen It was just all the dishonesty that kept going with it, not even a day later, even though he knew I had seen the footage”

“I think there was the undo I didn’t want to be with someone who couldn’t just own it”

“It wasn’t necessarily the kiss that affected the relationship, but it was more Jake and his responsibility afterwards”

Fans gathered around Booka on Instagram after she shared a photo of herself at the Reunion Dinner Party

“You are a naturally beautiful looking woman with a real heart, a real example of a classy woman deserving the best,” wrote one fan

“I love the way a kiss got blown up between long-term mates, hahaha,” laughed a third

Booka and Jake met on business in early 2020 when Booka’s Sonic Minds project for mental health teamed up with Jake’s charity Outside The Locker Room

Photos of the couple resurfaced earlier in the season, and many wondered if there had been a past between the two, but now Booka has slammed the rumors

“I mean, if Jake and I were going to be a match, we probably would have done it in the outside world, right? We wouldn’t have been with MAFS,” she told Hobart radio duo Jimmy and Nath in March,

“We have a lot in common, but we’re also business partners – we’ve pretty much zoned each other So once you’ve put someone in the friend zone, I think it’s difficult to come back from there””

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