The Mandalorian’s main rescue mission ended in a few twists and turns Din Djarin was determined to find Grogu and defeat Moff Gideon, but there were some surprises before The Mandalorian’s season two finale was over >
With one more season already confirmed, here’s everything we know about Season 3, including its release date and how that explosive season two finale could build the next chapter of The Mandalorian

Much Mando and his crew – Boba Fett, Fennec Shand and Cara Dune – turn to Bo-Katan Kryze and her Nite Owls to save Grogu from Moff Gideon. Bo-Katan only agrees to the mission if Mando joins her joins the fight to recapture Mandalore and lets them steal Gideon’s spaceship and Darksaber. Mando doesn’t care as long as Grogu is safe Din Djarin and his team launch an attack on Gideon’s ship and defeat the Imperial soldiers

Meanwhile, Mando goes straight to Grogu, who is threatened with the Darksaber by Gideon. Mando kicks Gideon in the ass and frees Grogu, but the adorable green baby is taken in by none other than Luke Skywalker, who answers the child’s call from Tython Grogu flies off with Luke, but not before Mando and his child have a heartbreaking (and helmet-free) goodbye

During the Disney Investor Day presentation on Nov. December 2021, the premiere of the third season of The Mandalorian was confirmed. Before fans can get too excited, the post-credits scene of the finale of the second season of The Mandalorian, “The Book of Boba Fett”

It’s unclear if this teaser merely confirmed the title of the third season premiere of The Mandalorian or a new spin-off from Boba Fett himself. Are these two separate shows? Or one and the same?

We know that filming for the Boba Fett series has already started and Season 3 of The Mandalorian will be leaving, only to start production after that, would Disney release two Star Wars shows at the same time, or will Mandalorian just become the Boba Fat series recorded? Stay tuned

It’s a little hard to tell at this point, considering that the season two finale left a lot of open questions tied to the story, so it’s possible that Mando will return to his job as a bounty hunter and reunite with Greef Karga, after he is free from his responsibility for Baby Yoda

Din Djarin could also join Bo-Katan Kryze on their mission to reclaim Mandalore, which would be exciting as his Mandalorian backstory was only hinted at on the show, and a return to the planet could confront him with other members of the Children of the Guard and them explain how he was brought up

Conflict could also arise now, as Mando has agreed to join Bo-Katan, who obviously doesn’t like the group she describes as religious zealots.There is also the fact that Bo-Katan is likely to fight Mando must to gain control of the Darksaber So there is a lot more to tell, although Grogu will no longer be there

Miraculously, none of the main characters died, which is a relief and means almost everyone will be back in season three of The Mandalorian, you can bet Pedro Pascal will return as Din Djarin, except Grogu won’t this time always glued to his side (that’s a sad thought)

Fans should also expect Katee Sackhoff to return as Bo-Katan, and if her schedule allows, Sasha Banks could also appear as Koska Reeves, while Temuera Morrison is apparently getting his own series, but Boba Fett might still stop around Mando to help alongside Ming-Na Wen’s Fennec Shand Cara Dune’s appearance is also possible, although Gina Carano has made huge comments on Twitter, and she could also appear on upcoming New Republic spin-off Rangers

Not unless you count that post-credits scene Disney and Lucasfilm have kept plot details and footage under wraps, so fans shouldn’t expect a trailer until just before the season three premiere date. The Mandalorian season two trailer was released on 15th Released September 9th, a month and a half before its release with that timeline, the trailer for the third season will likely release sometime in November 2021

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