On the bus ride to Selhurst Park, Manchester United would have imagined running off the field at the end of the game if they had known this would be the case in a battle for the Premier League title

They are in a fight, but as they trudged away from the 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace, they know it is now a fight for a place in the Champions League and nothing more

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team looked weathered, tired and lacking in imagination as they shot just one shot on goal during the entire game and waited for 70 grumpy, lifeless minutes to introduce a substitute

United have drawn six more goalless draws than any other team in the Premier League this season – the highest ever in a single season

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Even Vice Chairman Ed Woodward couldn’t be left calm as he was pictured head in hands, possibly raising how much more money to ask the owners to fix this mess

Fred couldn’t pass, Marcus Rashford couldn’t shoot, Bruno Fernandes couldn’t create, and Solskjaer couldn’t change anything

“You have to be careful,” said Alan Shearer after the game. “Man City are so far ahead of the rest of the league that they assume that ‘OK, we can finish second and that’s a minor achievement than Improvement over last year ‘and they get into the mentality that the season has”almost over” We can do just enough, we can do well in the cup competition and make it into the top four”

“This in itself is a good season, but it looked like there was a mentality like that tonight – there was no real urgency, no real fight or scrap to say, ‘We’re going to try, some serious pressure to exercise Man City on our neighbors in case something happens’

Fernandes’ genius had propelled her to the top of the league, but for all he could protest, fatigue is clearly creeping in and Solskjaer has no plan B. Perhaps Fernandes’ biggest endorsement of why he should be named Player of the Year is from his teammates who appear clueless when he’s not on song

And Solskjaer doesn’t help him Fernandes was allowed to start the Europa League second leg against Real Sociedad last week, even though United had a 4-0 away goal advantage. Why wasn’t he rested?

Now United are 14 points behind waiting champions Manchester City and just seven points ahead of those who follow the top four and all have a game in their hands

“They (United) looked sluggish and in good spirits, their body language looked really worn out,” former captain Gary Neville told Sky Sports. “I thought they would cement second place by scoring points in places like Crystal Palace Now Liverpool and Chelsea will believe they have a real chance

“It wasn’t a good night for United It doesn’t matter who’s in charge, you can’t be boring and that was boring tonight You sleep in games You will end up in a top 4 race if they don’t watch out ”

That winning run that got her to the top in the Christmas and New Years period now seems to be the exception, and what happens now is the rule

Only Fulham and Brighton have drawn more games this season than United’s nine, seven of which have been in the last two months

You have drawn three 0-0 draws in a row in all competitions and you seem incapable of being defensively solid and offensively creative at the same time, the bankroll just doesn’t exist

This was Manchester United’s best chance to win the Premier League since 2013 and for a brief period in January we all believed in it

Now they have to face reality, and that means they have to go to the house of the future champions, their noisy neighbors Manchester City, and try to finish a 21-game run that pushed everything aside before them

When Paul Pogba hobbled away injured in early February, he left a side five points behind Manchester City and will return to a side that is in danger of slipping completely off them with a season of 14 points or worse

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World news – AU – Man Utd “accepted” title defeat Now they are running in a race they didn’t have to run

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