What’s the secret to making a flammable entertaining movie during a global pandemic? Follow security protocols first, then put the insanely gorgeous and talented Zendaya and John David Washington in one room together and let them rip them apart.Although it would have been nice to have a script that is more than a thin outline, Zendaya is and Washington exciting to watch “Malcolm and Marie,” as writer and director Sam Levinson calls this dazzling DIY project now available on Netflix, is proof that sparks can fly when just two young talents shoot all the cylinders

The film was shot in shimmering black and white in a glamorous glass house in which stones of verbal diversity are definitely thrown He puts his two lovers in a situation resembling a millennial “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Washington’s Malcolm Flies High. His new film has just premiered in Los Angeles to admire the critics and audiences who conspicuously failed to deliver his earlier work. Why is Zendaya’s Marie less solemn?

At a party, Malcolm thanked everyone except Marie Since Malcolm based his film at least in part on Marie’s convalescent life, his failure is considered an epic ouch. And since Marie is an aspiring actress, why didn’t he cast her in the role? For a while, the two tease the situation to tear apart laughter when Marie Malcolm conjures up a midnight macaroni and cheese dish that he can choke on

Levinson, son of Oscar-winning “Rain Man” director Barry Levinson, knows the Hollywood game very well. And he writes what he knows. He and his wife, Ashley Lent Levinson, who co-wrote “Malcolm and Marie “once had a similar but less extreme argument over the lack of a thank you. As the jokes between Malcolm and Marie intensify, the rifts in their relationship become more apparent

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Malcolm has a penchant for condescending white critics who compare him to other black filmmakers like Barry Jenkins, rather than the white directors of Hollywood’s golden age like Malcolm’s favorite William Wyler and Marie knows how to push his buttons by them Mentioned his grudge against “the LA Times white girl” who sucked him up at the party but previously impaled his work.Although Levinson is Jewish, not black, his violent attacks on reviewers feel personal to Hat the LA critic Times, Katie Walsh, not published Levinson’s 2018 feature Assassination Nation? She actually did

Though Levinson messes up his movie with baseball minutiae, he rallies by urging his actors to do everything personal. Marie knows that there is a trembling mass of uncertainty in every Hollywood narcissist and she gets to work Washington, so good on Tenet and BlackKklansman, plays Malcolm as a mixture of contradictions Marie can exploit. He’s fascinating
Even so, this is Zendaya’s film, revealing her seemingly limitless potential. Though 36-year-old Washington is 12 years older than his co-star, her leadership skill quickly makes up for the stakes since her days on the Disney Channel in “Shake It Up “This model-singer-dancer-performer left a glowing mark on” The Greatest Showman “and two” Spider-Man “epics. She made history last year by becoming the youngest Emmy winner of Outstanding Leading Actress in a drama series for “Euphoria” became Levinson’s HBO hit, in which she plays a teenager struggling with substance use

When the pandemic halted production of the second season of “Euphoria”, Levinson came up with “Malcolm and Marie” to give Zendaya her first adult role. And she meets the challenge in a raw, scratchy, lived performance, heralding an exploding star who can really act Her reach is amazing when Marie gives Malcolm an acting lesson he didn’t see coming

Perhaps, heavenly, those irritating critics are right, and “Malcolm and Marie” is little more than an academic exercise for the up-and-coming generation exploring ideas that no one has had time to fully develop for those who interested in who will bring movies into an uncertain future, this combination of two supernovas is something you won’t want to be without

Malcolm and Marie

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