Victoria has come to life with fewer coronavirus restrictions after more than three weeks without a new COVID-19 infection

Officials in Victoria cannot agree on around 1Letting 000 players, officials and support staff in the state for a January start of the Australian Open

But a world away, the G20 Summit of Heads of State and Government concluded with a message of support for the Tokyo Olympics, where tens of thousands are expected to gather next July

The Prime Minister of South Australia, Steven Marshall, has criticized criticism of the administration of the state’s medi-hotel system

State Labor Leader Peter Malinauskas says the SA should stop accepting repatriated travelers into their Medi-Hotels and calls for a review of the hotel quarantine by the federal government

He has also proposed moving quarantine facilities out of capital cities to reduce the likelihood of community transmission

“That’s impractical Where do you find 1200 rooms in Woomera or on Christmas Island with all associated staff and a hospital? “He said

Restrictions were eased for some NSW congregations after the state passed on Jan. Had not registered any new cases of locally transmitted COVID-19 for days in a row

Up to 3000 people can now gather for outdoor ticketed events such as concerts, and up to 500 people can attend outdoor services

The two square meter rule applies when people are sitting on chairs and the four square meter rule applies when people are sitting on carpets or in a group

Shortly before Christmas, up to 30 choir singers can now perform outside, but only five are allowed to gather inside

All parishioners in the service can join in the chanting, but those over the age of 12 must wear face masks

NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said further easing of restrictions in the hospitality industry is “imminent” this week, as long as there is no “major unexpected event”

Five new hotel quarantine cases have been reported in the past 24 hours and nearly 8000 people tested

Victoria’s Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said discussions are still going on today about hosting the Australian Open in January and the quarantine arrangements for players traveling to events in the summer

“This is a huge event that is very important to us, but we want it to be safe,” said Andrews

The Premier confirmed that meetings are taking place with Tennis Australia to complete preparations for the event and to move off the interstate for other tournaments

“We are talking about a thousand, 1500 people who come here and have to make quarantine and bubble arrangements You have to protect the integrity of the event, “he said

“We jealously protect the fact that we had 24 days without cases We will deal with falls and outbreaks in the future, but it’s a valuable thing that we built and that we need to protect “

The ambulance, credited with preventing a widespread coronavirus outbreak in South Australia, said she was in disbelief when she was informed that one of her patients had returned a positive COVID-19 test

Lyell McEwin Hospital doctor Dharminy Thurairatnam treated the 81-year-old woman on the night of Friday the 13th November when she noticed she had a slight cough and had to wipe it off

The woman had come to “feel abnormal” and “weak”, but with few other COVID-19 symptoms

“During the consultation, I heard and noticed that she was coughing slightly, so I ordered a full breath swab,” said Dr Thurairatnam, who is currently in quarantine, told ABC Radio Adelaide this morning

Dr Thurairatnam stopped thinking about it and went home, slept after her night shift and then celebrated her son’s birthday

“I’m just asking other prime ministers to show some compassion as I know when I visit churches and people come up to me and cry when they think they can’t see their relatives,” she said,

At an outdoor event, up to 3Gather 000 people (assuming it is one person up to two square meters)

NSW has on 16 No new cases of locally transmitted COVID-19 registered for days in a row

My strong message to the people of New South Wales is: Please don’t let us be on guard We have come too far to be overwhelmed by complacency

We are doing very well, but it is more important than ever that we move forward together in a COVID-safe manner

The South Australian Police Commissioner says a number of people are being investigated in connection with the Woodville Pizza Bar in the center of Adelaide’s coronavirus cluster

The police have assigned 20 officers to Task Force Protectto determine why a 36-year-old Spanish citizen allegedly failed to declare he was an employee of the pizza bar

Police say they spoke to the man and confiscated two electronic devices from him that are being analyzed

The Australian Union Council has backed calls for hotel quarantine workers to be paid more so they don’t have other jobs and risk contracting the coronavirus

Authorities in South Australia believe a medi-hotel security officer who also works at a pizza bar in Adelaide contributed to the spread of the coronavirus in that state

ACTU secretary Sally McManus says the people who work in hotel quarantine are too important to not be properly looked after

“The people we have in places like this have to be paid appropriately, so paid really well, not just the minimum wage,” she said

“Because they don’t do a minimum wage, normal work, they make one that covers a lot of responsibility and as we know, a lot of consequences if something goes wrong”

Face masks remain mandatory in some settings unless you have a legitimate reason not to wear them

Face masks are no longer mandatory outdoors when you can stay 1.5 meters from people you do not live with

The use of face masks outdoors is required if you cannot stay further than 1.5 meters from people you do not live with, such as people who do not live with you B. on public transportation, outdoor markets, sidewalks and thoroughfares

The Prime Minister of South Australia has confirmed that the state government will not compensate companies affected by last week’s three-day shutdown

This is planned as a state budget announcement, but we will be keeping an eye out for information on coronavirus

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