It’s January It’s hot That must mean it’s time to crown a Triple J Hottest 100 winner

The countdown is on again and we will bring you comments, analysis, and probably some GIFs as soon as the list takes shape

Tune in and get a feel for what 2020, a difficult year in the music industry and everywhere else, sounded like

As you can probably see, this is the theme song from the new Bond movie No Time To Die

Unfortunately things got a little mixed up, and the movie has been delayed several times since then. Hopefully we’ll hear this track as it was intended later this year – during the opening credits of the movie

Charlie from Mallrat almost won last year’s countdown – it was number 3. This is a cover by Australian band Bugs from last year for Triple J’s Like A Version

That is, the powder finger version This is a cover by Thelma PlumPlum said in a statement when the song was released:

I had the chance to record a song that I grew up with and as a Brissie local I already know some of the powder finger guys so of course I said yes

She actually recorded some of this at Airlock Studios, Powderfingers Ian Haug’s Queensland studio

Internet Money says Triple J is “moved” to have so many fans in Australia

He says he spoke to The Kid LAROI and he was on FaceTime with Kevin Parker last night (lol) but unfortunately he doesn’t say what they were talking about I’m assuming this is a collab chat / p>

Lots of hip-hop in the first 10 tracks, I assume we’ll hear a lot more!

I also did TBH in retrospect and found that on 6 A lot has happened since then

Last week, just before the voting closed, Triple J said there were only 350 votes between number 1 and 2

What a divisive song! So much love, so much hate Will be interesting to see if or where it’s placed today

It’s also kind of a first gig for G Flip, who got very close to the top for their track Drink Too Much last year and which I think will do really well again this year

Your song Hyperfine was a big one for them Expect to see this later today

From their 2020 record, Brain Candy, Lots of references to hygiene in this song, which feels appropriate these days

Stormzy, one of the UK’s biggest hip hop names, with a track starring aspiring drill star Headie One

Tell me what you hope will win today / do well tell me your hopes and dreams tell me

The first Australian entry! This is not the first rodeo between these two guys from Wollongong

Did you vote for Hockey Dad? I wonder if this will be the last time we’ll hear from the band

Ok, the first entry in today’s 100-part music journal comes from Kiwi singer BENEE.She had three songs in the countdown of last year, including up to 19

This title is from Hey U X, their debut album, and it is the first song of the countdown that contains a naughty word – actually one of many loud Triple J there are 61 F-bombs in countdown today

what do you think? The Australian band, the British band, the Dan Andrews feature or something else?

But if you feel like stepping back and smashing some of the hottest 100 bangers of the past, Double J is for you

On Monday, Double J plays the hottest 100 of 2000 all day. As the broadcaster says:

There are many ways to find the station, and to get you in the mood, let’s talk about some songs you might have forgotten over the past two decades

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