US President orders states to prioritize vaccination of teachers so schools can reopen safely, saying “Let’s treat personal learning as an essential element of service that it is”

According to the Victorian Government, all policies and procedures to protect staff and prisoners from coronavirus are briefed by infection control experts and are consistent with advice from relevant state and federal agencies, including the latest advice from the Chief Health Officer

Given the communicable variants of the virus and the asymptomatic spread, Japan revised its pandemic strategy in early February

However, many health experts argue that the updated strategy is still far below the requirements, especially given that vaccinations have only just started and vaccine supplies are limited

It comes after the decision to extend hotel quarantine for passengers on an international flight who arrived in Queensland last month for another five days after the Russian variant of the coronavirus was discovered in several positive cases

As more hospitals across Brazil reach levels of rationing care, state health officials continue to call for stricter lockdown measures to reduce the spread of the coronavirus

Hospitals in the southern city of Porto Alegre have warned that the city’s intensive care units are full and things are only going to get worse.

State capitals such as Rio, Salvador and Porto Alegre are among the cities that were forced to temporarily suspend vaccination due to a lack of vaccines

Local media reported that Moinhos de Vento Hospital in Porto Alegre, the city’s largest private medical center, is accommodating patients due to overcrowded wards outside the main building

They reported that public and private hospitals had to rent refrigerated containers because the morgues were overcrowded

US President Joe Biden says he wants teachers to be prioritized as an essential workforce as he announced that the country will have received enough COVID-19 vaccines for the entire adult population by May

President Biden has ordered states to prioritize vaccination for teachers by the end of March so schools can safely reopen

“And that means that key employees who provide this service, educators, school staff and childcare workers are involved: get them vaccinated right away, they are key employees”

Biden’s drive to vaccinate educators faster comes amid political controversy with parents pushing for schools to reopen against teacher unions who say the risks are still too great

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, said Biden’s announcement was “good news for anyone looking to study in school””

Biden said over 30 states had already taken steps to ensure educators were vaccinated and he had used the full authority of the federal government to direct the remaining states to follow suit

“My challenge is this: we want every educator, school worker and childcare worker to receive at least one shot by the end of March,” he said, noting that parents left the job market in “astonishment” numbers to help their children help to learn from a distance

To achieve that goal, Biden said the federal pharmacy program encouraged pre-school kindergarten vaccination by educators and 12th grade staff Priority would be given to class as well as child carers

This is the fifth day in a row that Victoria has not registered any new cases of COVID-19

There are eight active cases in Victoria, made up of eight locally acquired cases, down from one since yesterday

A total of 1622 COVID-19 vaccine doses given at vaccination centers in hospitals across Victoria

This increases the total number of people who have attended the program since the start of the program on Monday 22nd February, vaccine doses administered in Victoria on 6676

The boom in property prices in South Australia continues as a shabby home in inner southeast Adelaide sold for three quarters of a million dollars more than the asking price

The rundown cottage in Glenunga has propped up walls and was advertised for around $ 1.3 million for three weeks before going up for auction for $ 2.0 million

Adrian Kelly of the Real Estate Institute in South Australia says the market was far better than predicted when COVID-19 first hit the market

“We’re seeing records being broken everywhere, but we didn’t expect it 12 months ago – we were staring at the barrel of 20 to 30 percent depreciation in housing and that obviously didn’t happen,” he said / p>

A Catholic archdiocese in the US recommended that the COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Johnson & Johnson is “morally compromised” because it is made using cells obtained from aborted fetuses

The Archdiocese of New Orleans says the decision to get a vaccine is a matter of individual conscience, but Catholics should choose vaccines from Moderna or Pfizer if available

At the end of last year, the Pope announced that such vaccines are morally acceptable and can be used with a clear conscience

I actually wrote an article on fetal cells in vaccines last year if you’re interested, with the rollout beginning, it might be worth another look

The Victorian government ordered a staff review after a self-promoting perjurer convicted of assault yesterday was hired to work in the state hotel quarantine system

Nelly Yoa came to prominence in 2018 and 2019 for a range of discredited public allegations, from serving as a South Sudanese youth mentor to testing with high-level football clubs to seeing Usain Bolt attending the birth of one of his children

The 32-year-old stood before Ballarat Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, pleading guilty and fined 3 for an incident in 2019$ 000 was occupied

In parliament, opposition leader Michael O’Brien asked the state government how it might be justified to use a convicted criminal to manage the highly sensitive personal data of Victorians

Secretary of State for Government Services Danny Pearson said the man was employed by COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria (CQV) and had some training but not worked a shift

Mr Pearson said he had asked CQV Commissioner Emma Cassar to conduct a police check on staff “to ensure there are no pending checks on existing people”

One of Australia’s eminent scientists who helped steer the nation through the coronavirus pandemic told a court that one of their former teachers was an “eminent” educator despite faking his qualifications for decades

Neil Lennie, 72, pleaded guilty to four charges of fraud in the County Court of Victoria after investigators uncovered his fraud in some of Melbourne’s most prestigious schools, including Mount Scopus Memorial College, Haileybury College and Caulfield Grammar School

Between 1976 and 2000, Mr. Lennie led schools to believe he was a qualified teacher before finally taking the job of headmaster at Caulfield Grammar

However, at a pre-judgment hearing today, the district court heard that the 72-year-old was very much loved by his former students who now know the truth

Among them is Sharon Lewin, a leading infectious disease expert and director of the Doherty Institute, who credited Mr. Lennie with instilling an “enduring love of science” in a character reference

Professor Lewin knew Mr. Lennie between 1977 and 1979 when she was a student at Mount Scopus Memorial College

“I remember him telling me very clearly that I was able to do anything in life and shoot for the stars,” she said

“As a young woman in the 1970s, I now understand that this type of encouragement was most unusual for women in science,” she said

Professor Lewin said she had been asked several times to think about teachers or mentors and always referred to Mr. Lennie as someone who had “a profound influence” on her career

“Not only did he give me the knowledge to ultimately be the best graduate student in physics in Victoria State with a perfect score, but he also gave me a lifelong love of learning and science I couldn’t imagine a greater gift from a teacher, “she said

Two returning travelers from the last return flight to Canberra have given Covid-19 a weakly positive test result

Health Secretary Rachel Stephen-Smith says the risk to the other passengers on the flight is very small

The Brazilian Ministry of Health says that in the last 24 hours 1To have registered 641 deaths from coronaviruses, the highest number since the beginning of the pandemic

In a week when scientists and health workers have been ringing alarm bells about the worsening situation in Brazil, these numbers may not come as a surprise

Now at its worst, the pandemic has run out of intensive care beds in some parts of Brazil, and some patients have even been moved to other states for treatment

The capital Brasilia is on lockdown and a curfew has been introduced in the state of Sao Paulo, however, the country’s health ministers earlier this week called for stricter measures across Brazil to avoid another collapse of the health system

If you run a business in Canberra, these ACT government-provided fact cards may come in handy

Research from the Brazilian city of Manaus suggests that people who previously had COVID-19 may be prone to re-infecting with a new variant of the disease
The researchers found that between 25 and 61 percent of people in the city who had the virus are still at risk of contracting the Brazilian P1 strain

Western Australia’s Police Commissioner wants new laws to give officers more powers to stop and search vehicles at the state border

Chris Dawson said this morning that he would like the police to retain greater powers at state border checkpoints as one of the “unintended but wonderful outcomes” of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the spread of the crime halved

“The reason is that we stopped about half the medication The Hard Frontiers have been hugely successful,” Dawson told 6PR radio station in Perth

“But what it did is we’re getting a lot better at finding the trucks that bring in drugs “

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