The Perth metropolitan area was plunged into a five-day lockdown from 6:00 p.m. to the same time on Friday after a hotel The Quarantine Guard tested positive for coronavirus this evening

People in the Perth metropolitan area, as well as the Peel Region and the Southwest, are required to wear masks when leaving the house for the four reasons the quick release allows

Health Secretary Roger Cook said the government would work with the mining industry to study how their activities could continue over the five day period

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According to the situation in other states, supermarkets will remain open throughout the curfew and grocery shopping is a valid reason to leave the house

South Australia won’t close the Washington border immediately – but Police Commissioner Grant Stevens says people should reconsider traveling west

Two flights from Perth are scheduled to land in Adelaide shortly, where all travelers will be screened

South Australians traveling in Western Australia have also been urged to come home as soon as possible

Mr McGowan said people in the Perth, South West and Peel regions would have to stay in their area for the five-day lockdown unless they had to leave for one of the approved exemptions

“We strongly encourage anyone in this area who are from another area of ​​Washington to stay here,” said McGowan

If you need to travel outside of the region … you are now in the region, you can only do so once you have to return to where you live “

In the press conference this afternoon, Mark McGowan said that when people leave home to take important trips, they must always wear a mask

He also said that when people have to go to work indoors, wearing a mask is also mandatory

The Federal Ministry of Health has some guidelines on how to make a mask at home if you need to. While this story, which one of my colleagues wrote last July, also has some advice on making your own mask

Following the announcement of a case of COVID-19 by Western Australia acquired by a person who works in a quarantine hotel, Queensland is making Perth and some of the surrounding areas a hotspot for anyone who has been to Metropolitan Perth, Peel, or the southwestern WA and arrives in Queensland starting at 6 p.m. tonight will be required to complete a mandatory 14 day hotel quarantine.This period may change as we receive more information about the WA outbreak January in Perth, the Peel or Southwest regions, should report and test and isolate until a negative result is obtained, please visit the Queensland Health website for more information However, you may want to isolate yourself at your accommodation and seek a test tomorrow morning Have been to any of these WA areas on January 1st, please do not join the community except to get tested and then isolate until you get a negative result

Legendary Liam Butterworth and Jonathan Hepburn will keep you updated on other breaking news and help explain WA’s Snap Lockdown tonight

The police are conducting checkpoints If you need to move between the southwest and to Perth, for example, you will need a G2G pass. This will be checked at a QR checkpoint set up by the police “

“Hopefully by mid-week we should have a better idea of ​​what cases are emerging and the likely consequences of this,” said Health Secretary Roger Cook

“As the Prime Minister said, we saw some of these that we could quickly identify ourselves by locking them down, doing contact tracing, quarantining people at home and doing extensive testing and making sure they were People are locked up and that has worked very effectively for both Queensland and South Australia

“Sometimes some of the symptoms of COVID are not what you might think they are, sometimes they are non-respiratory and can manifest in other ways

“He may not have thought it was COVID as his symptoms may not have been the traditionally understood symptoms of COVID

“So he went to the doctor, after that he got a COVID test, and these are the details we’re trying to work out as we speak to find out how it happened

“The main thing here is that we have a problem, we need the state and the people of the state to fix it and that is what we are trying to do here today”

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