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41 NC counties and 1 VA county are on alert including Durham, Johnston, Halifax, Mecklenburg, VA and Northampton counties

Published: 2020-12-25 00:28:00
Updated: 2020-12-25 00:29:24

Posted on 25 December 2020 at 12:28 pm on ESTUpdated 25 December 2020 12:29 am European Daylight Saving Time

Although most retailers and restaurants are closed on Christmas Day, a few places are open including those in the list below

Every year as I post this list, I hear from readers who are upset that not every single place of business is closed on this holiday, I encourage you to remember that there are many reasons why many of these companies are are open, including:

* Giving people a place to eat after a long shift in the hospital or fire station;

* provide a place to purchase over-the-counter medicines for a sick family member or friend; and

* Providing the much-needed income to key workers who have struggled to make ends meet, especially in this incredibly challenging year (I hear from several people every year who say they volunteer to work because of the bonus payment report at Christmas)

CVS: Most CVS stores are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas. CVS locations in Target stores are not open on Christmas Day as Target stores are open on December 25th12 The store and pharmacy opening hours vary by location. Most CVS pharmacies are closed on December 25th1220 closed See the CVS website for information about certain times on Christmas Eve and Christmas

Walgreens: According to a press release from Walgreens, stores are open regularly on Christmas Day. Pharmacy opening times vary by location on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Please refer to the website for the exact opening times for your location

Amber Flavors and Flavors in Morrisville: Open Christmas Day For reservations or takeaway information, visit the website

Boston Market: Select Boston Market locations are open on Christmas Day Check their website to make sure yours is open

Cleveland Draft House: The Clayton location is open from 5pm to 10pm on Christmas Day After 9pm there will be no more alcohol sales They also offer takeaway See the menu on their website

Denny’s: Select Denny’s locations are open on Christmas Day, although many close early.The location in Raleigh on Wake Forest Rd is open on December 25th12Open 8pm to 3pm Website hours have not been updated at time of publication I suggest calling your location to see if they’ll be open

IHOP: Most IHOP locations are open on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, but many close early on both days. Please refer to the website

for opening hours for your location

McDonald’s: Many McDonald’s locations are open on Christmas Day, although some have fewer hours. Check their website for the specific hours for your location

Ruths Chris: Select Ruths Chris locations are open on Christmas Day See their website for details

Starbucks: Select Starbucks locations open on Christmas Day. Most locations that are open have reduced hours. For information on the closest Starbucks locations, please visit the website

Waffle House: According to a response we received from companies over Christmas, “Waffle House restaurants are traditionally open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (366 this year), including all public holidays. Some of our locations are however, currently operating for less than 24 hours due to the impact of the pandemic on our business, we strongly encourage our customers to check with their local waffle house for fluctuations in opening hours “locations can be found on their website

If you know of any other local restaurants that are open on Christmas Day please send the details to save @ smartspendingresourcescom and we’ll update this list

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Shops open on Christmas Day what is open on Christmas Day

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