Brittany Higgins attorneys have confirmed they have served letters suing Linda Reynolds of defamation after Secretary of Defense called Higgins a “lie” cow ”

Reynolds is scheduled to arrive on Nov. Higgins was alleged to have been alleged to have been sexually assaulted in the minister’s office in March 2019

In a letter received from 7NEWS, Higgins attorneys intend to sue Reynolds for “injury and distress” caused by “malicious remarks” unless the Minister publicly apologizes

Higgins attorneys accuse the Senator of making a “degrading and degrading” statement that is “highly defamatory”

“The carefree manner in which these words were spoken makes it clear that they were not spoken privately or confidentially,” the letter reads

“You are also aware that this hideous murder of our client has been republished on a large scale, resulting in immense injury and suffering

He said she commented to the staff at her private office after “a stressful week”

Morrison said the comment came after reports that Higgins felt unsupported by the government following her alleged rape

“She did not make those comments as she told me this morning in connection with the sexual assault allegation,” he said

“Your comments, she said to me, related to the further comment on the level of support and her frustration at how she felt she was doing whatever she believed in her power to provide support.” p>

“She has to come out and either defend herself or say whether or not she made those comments,” Lambie told Sky News

“If she doesn’t come out and deny it, and now she’s trying to smooth it out her career is over ”

Senior Labor Frontbencher Penny Wong said it was “clearly not an acceptable comment,” while Independent MP Zali Steggall said Reynolds’ position is now “untenable” ”

“She deeply regretted it. She made it into a private office. She immediately apologized,” he said

Higgins attorneys call for “an immediate and unequivocal public withdrawal of your comments and an apology to our client for the injuries and suffering caused”

If you or someone you know has been subjected to sexual assault, domestic or family violence, call 1800RESPECT at 1800 737 732 or visit 1800RESPECTorgau or call 000 in an emergency

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World News – AU – Linda Reynolds threatened defamation after Brittany Higgins commented on “lying cow”