Joe Biden says if he ever hears anyone from his administration, “treat another colleague with disrespect, I promise I’ll fire you on them”Place”

Queensland will lift COVID-19 restrictions on Greater Brisbane at 1:00 a.m. after no new cases have occurred in the past 24 hours

It was a cast worthy of a Super Bowl halftime show, and they didn’t disappoint

Before Joe Biden was 46 As President of the United States was sworn in, two of the most dazzling female recording stars of the past two decades brought things to a crescendo at the Capitol

Sure, there were very few screaming fans, but Jennifer Lopez was still getting loud and Lady Gaga put in a performance as only she can

This initiation was something different and the message that it was a festival of hope was picked up loud and clear as the two performers toned her down from her usual flashy looks, but turned her up when it came to their passion

Lopez even dropped a “Let’s get it loud,” a nod to one of her greatest hits, in her medley of “This land is your land and America is beautiful,” but also at a ceremony celebrating the new president called for unity, she recited part of the pledge of loyalty in Spanish

While Lopez was the warm-up, Gaga was the main course and for the staunch supporter of Mr. Biden was around the time she played the halftime show at the 2017 Super Bowl when she was dressed in a space age theme

She was playing a dramatic version of the U.S. national anthem while wearing a giant Schiaparelli couture fuchsia silk skirt and black top adorned by a large gold brooch of a dove with an olive branch when she spangled The Star sang banner

Gaga turned around at one point and pointed to the US flag waving high above the Capitol, the seat of Congress that was the scene of an attack by supporters of the outgoing President Donald Trump two weeks ago for the electoral victory of To overthrow Mr Biden

Prior to her performance, Gaga said on Twitter that she wanted to “acknowledge our past, heal our present, and be passionate about a future where we work lovingly together””

Then it was the turn of country singer Garth Brooks, who immediately took him off again as he sang an unaccompanied version of Amazing Grace and asked the Americans at the ceremony and watched at home to sing along with him the last verse

At just 22 years old, poet Amanda Gorman captured the mixed feelings of the past four years in a poem in which she described herself as a “thin black girl” descended from slaves and raised by a single mother. To become president just to recite “

to you
The cultural festivities will continue on Wednesday evening with a two-hour special on six television channels and social media hosted by actor Tom Hanks

The events that saw some of the greatest white, black, and Hispanic celebrities come together contrast sharply with Trump’s 2017 inauguration, which saw little star power

Wednesday’s TV special will include appearances from stars like Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Katy Perry, the Foo Fighters, Tim McGraw, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Justin Timberlake, Demi Lovato and Kerry Washington

Mr Biden’s inaugural committee said the special will also include teachers, delivery drivers and health care workers, along with children who have raised money to provide food to people who are facing difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic are advised

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