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The bulls give the tip for the second half of the season, in which the No. 1 of the Eastern Conference taking place 1 seeded Philadelphia 76ers Today’s competition is the second of three competitions between the teams May be here at the United Center

At the first meeting on 19 February in Philadelphia, it was the 76ers who scored a 112-105 victory thanks to the strongman Joel Embiid’s career night, the former Kansas Jayhawk was literally unstoppable, hitting a career high of 50 points, 17 rebounds, five assists, four Blocks and two steals Philly’s wingman Tobias Harris also added 22 points and 12 rebounds

The 76ers had to play without All-Star Playmaker Ben Simmons (Illness) for the second game in a row, but his absence didn’t slow them down when Philadelphia’s win earned All-Star Coaching duties for the team’s headmaster, Doc Rivers / p>

Chicago All-Star Zach LaVine led the Bulls that night with a team high of 30 points, while Wendell Carter Jr Chad in 15 and Thad Young came off the bench to add 12 points and nine rebounds

While the 76ers held onto a 107-103 lead, Embiid blocked LaVine’s attempt to drive with 1:02 remaining, then hit a 17-foot baseline jumper 41 seconds from time to seal the outcome of the game

The Bulls set a 16:18 record tonight after beating the New Orleans Pelicans (128-124) in the Big Easy before the league took a brief break for the All-Star game in last weekend Atlanta inserted

Again, it was LaVine to take the lead, scoring a 36-point performance in the last minute with a moving layup and four free throws to hold a late Pels rally LaVine hit 12 of 19 shots, went 4 of 8 from deep and hit all eight of his free throws. He also handed out eight assists. The Bulls’ veteran striker Thad Young also handed out a lot of punishment, scoring 18 points and blocking three shots, while Carter Jr grabbed 15 rebounds and led Chicago to the glass

As great as LaVine has been this year, the Bulls will need their teammates to move forward consistently if they are to keep moving forward. Part of that consistency could be with the healthy returns of strikers Lauri Markkanen and Otto Porter Jrwho at this point are on the verge of getting back on the ground tonight

Due to various circumstances, Markkanen was only able to play 14 out of 34 games in Chicago. When he played, he was very effective, averaging a career high of 191 points and a career best shooting 514 from the field, as well as 396 from a distance The 7’1-Finn had to go on 5 February suffered a sprained right shoulder against Orlando The Bulls could certainly use Markkanen’s size and accuracy in the second half

Porter JrHe has played in just 16 games and has missed the last 15 in a row with lower back cramps for the most part, Chicago was plotting Porter Jr this season Giving a Spark Off the Bank If he was healthy, he did just that and delivered 116 points in 233 minutes

A primary defense goal for Chicago is to stay vigilant at all times, call each other and turn quickly to close open lanes in paint and the openings under the basket during the All-Star weekend in Atlanta on a big hiatus that will improve Chicago’s chances as both Embiid and Simmons have been put on hold for a week due to the NBA’s Covid health and safety protocols Neither All-Star will be on the lineup tonight, though Embiid can return tomorrow if The 76ers are in Washington while Simmons has to wait until Sunday

Either way, the most important aspect for tonight will be how well the Cops execute their plan of attack. To be effective offensively, Chicago must move the ball freely, skipping from player to player and side to side, forcing the 76ers to do it Burning extra energy to defend the hoop The ball can’t get stuck in LaVine’s or other hands for more than a punch or two.Everyone must constantly try to contribute in some way a bystander won’t cut it

An important key for the Bulls is to always play fast while paying attention to the ball, capping sales to a minimum of 12 per game. Constant movements of players and balls in and out of suit, as well as around the 3rd -Point arcs create a free flowing rhythm and force the defense to collapse

Another important aspect Chicago needs to perfect is its ability to communicate and collaborate effectively on both ends of the floor with every outing, the cops have gotten better, but there is more to be done

To that end, Chicago must continue to leave the opponents behind in every way and must never evade a challenge, they must put pressure up and down and refuse to allow the opposition to set the pace of the game

If the cops hit the hardwood with a lively demeanor from the start and storm off the slide and maintain that intensity throughout the night, they’ll give themselves a real chance to start this imposing stretch of five games (all at home) in seven nights on the right foot with a signature win

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Bulls vs 76ers

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