Former British glamor model Katie Price announced that she was raped when she was only seven years old while doing research on her PTSD

Katie Price, also known as Jordan, has lived a roller coaster life, working as a model, reality star, and media personality while dealing with multiple failed marriages and many children

Former British glamor model Katie Price opened up about rape when she was just seven years old

The 42-year-old mother of five spoke to Irish DJ / broadcaster Annie Macmanus on her Changes with Annie Macmanus podcast, where she talked about the horror incident and how it later contributed to problems with men develop in their life

“My thing that has always been wrong in my life is men that have been from an early age,” she said

“I was raped as a child at seven that is in my first book I was in a park”

Price, a former model who was married to Peter Andre, first revealed the incident in her 2004 autobiography Being Jordan

She added, “My mother had this constant the whole time. My father left, although I can’t remember (but) subconsciously your mind remembers everything It’s there

“So (therapists) figured out why I jumped into relationships … There’s no lack of that father figure. They always let me down. That was my problem in life, it has to do with men”

During the podcast episode, Price recalled other incidents that contributed to her trauma, including her experience with a photographer who photographed her indecently when she was 12

“He was obsessed with me. He took naughty photos that I thought were innocent at the time. I was 12

“He made me take pictures where I stuck my tongue out. You looked young and girlish, but to him It’s sexual

It comes after Price announced last year that she was sexually assaulted at gunpoint in front of her children during a carjacking in South Africa in 2018

“Six men attacked us after we stopped because my son Junior needed a bit,” she said at the time

“It was like something out of a horror movie. This tall man in an Adidas hoodie was yelling in my face, cursing, and demanding that I give him my all. And he touched me below

“I grabbed a pillow and threw myself in front of the kids trying to protect them and waiting for a bullet to hit me I thought I was going to die The police said it was a miracle they didn’t kill us”

After the incident, she spent some time in a rehab clinic in the Priory, where she was diagnosed with PTSD

Price is now in a relationship with British reality star Carl Woods, who appeared on the UK version of Love Island

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