Posted: 17:22 GMT, Jan. March 2021 | Updated: 8:08 PM GMT, Jan. March 2021

Katie Holmes took a solo stroll down the cold streets of New York’s SoHo

on Saturday

The 42-year-old actress had just finished a shopping spree in the trendy Ritual Vintage boutique and carried her purchases in a large bag

Holmes wore a large pink coat that was worn over a similarly colored buttoned shirt

Layering: Katie Holmes was spotted walking home in a large pink coat on Saturday after a trip to a vintage boutique in New York’s SoHo neighborhood

The Logan Lucky actress combined her top selection with wide-legged blue jeans The color of her bottoms complemented her outer shell

The producer tied off her outfit with a pair of white sneakers and a set of beige socks

Holmes had a small brown shoulder bag with him and threw a large black shopping bag over his right shoulder during their trip

The actress tied her gorgeous brunette hair in a bun and wore black face covering to protect herself amid the global pandemic

Additional storage space: The actress had a small brown shoulder bag and a black shopping bag with her, in addition to another bag full of vintage clothing that she had bought

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Spring is almost here, so it’s time to brighten up your wardrobe with pastel shades and that goes for your coats too!

This pink coat over Katie Holmes is exactly what we’re talking about Do you remember when pink coats were a big deal? Well we say it’s time to bring them back!

Finally, we might feel ready for spring, but the weather is still spirited so this is the perfect compromise!

Katie’s outerwear comes from Acne Studios and consists of a classic cocoon silhouette with contrasting brown buttons and a pastel pink color

Unfortunately, Katie’s cotton candy style is a few seasons old and therefore sold out However, if you move on to the editing below, you’ll find plenty of nifty options to recreate the look

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Speaking to Vogue Australia last November, the actress noted that during her extended time at home she had discovered a newfound sense of value in order to enjoy the little things in life

“Throughout this experience, the line of passage for me has been a heightened awareness of each moment and really taking in and appreciating it,” she said

The actress also noted that she was grateful to have spent more time with her daughter Suri at the age of 14 and not having to focus on her typical busy schedule

Holmes said, “Living for a moment without the pressure of results and instead appreciating the natural rhythms of mother and daughter was the most precious gift ‘

The producer shares Suri with her ex-husband Tom Cruise, to whom she became romantically engaged in 2005

To be honest, during an interview, Holmes noted that her extended stint with her only child had taught her how to “appreciate the natural rhythms of mother and daughter”; The actress can be seen with Suri in February

Before: The actress got engaged to Tom Cruise after just a few weeks and the two tied the knot in 2006, only to end their marriage six years later The two are pictured together in 2012

Before dating the Tropic Thunder actor, she dated actors Chris Klein and Joshua Jackson, with whom she starred on Dawson’s Creek

After just seven weeks of dating, the couple got engaged and tied the knot the following year

In 2006, the couple welcomed their only daughter; Cruise shares two children with his former wife, Nicole Kidman
Former Flames: Before getting into the Top Gun star, the actress dated actors Chris Klein and Joshua Jackson; Holmes can be seen in 2019

Holmes filed for divorce in June 2012, and the terms of the couple’s separation were established in July of that year

Since then she has had a relationship with the restaurant owner Emilio Vitolo Jr started who is almost ten years younger than her

The actress was silent about their new relationship in their early stages, despite the fact that the cook ended up breaking the news with an Instagram post on her 42nd birthday Birthday published

Starting over: Holmes has had a relationship with restaurant owner Emilio Vitolo, Jr, although the two only confirmed something last December The pair will be spotted earlier this month

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