Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest planets in our solar system, were on the 21st December closest to each other, resulting in a ‘connection’ social media platforms were flooded with pictures and videos of the phenomena and were even trending on Twitter

In the unique phenomenon, Jupiter and Saturn intersect inside 1 degree of each other (a fraction of the width of the full moon), overlapping to form a double planet when viewed from Earth

Saturn and Jupiter meet after 397 years on 21 December so close even though I took a zoom picture of them through my camera last night ❤️ # Saturn #Jupiter #jupitersaturnconjunction #SaturnJupiterConjunction #jupitersaturn #JupiterySaturno picTwittercom / wmqoJJREeh

Jupiter, Saturn & visible moons (Callisto, Ganymede, Io, Europa Titan) 20/12/20 As good as the #GreatConjunction I will probably get in London The forecast for tomorrow is not good @StormHour @ThePhotoHour @ DavidBflower @VirtualAstro #jupitersaturnconjunction Technical information 👇 ImageTwittercom / eQhUCmxdU4

The planets seem to pass each other in the solar system on a regular basis, with the positions of Jupiter and Saturn aligned in the sky roughly every 20 years, but this is the first time in nearly 400 years that the planets have passed this close in the sky, what made a great conjunction, said NASA

“Skywatchers, you will be pampered once in a lifetime! Jupiter & Saturn is doing a planetary dance December will lead to the Grand Conjunction shortly after sunset, ”tweeted the official NASA Twitter account

Skywatchers, you will experience a unique pleasure! Jupiter & Saturn does a planet dance, which takes place on 21 December will lead to the Great Conjunction just after sunset Find out:

The living planetary conjunction is clearly visible in the evening sky and is popularly known as the “Christmas star” or “Bethlehem star” The rare space event also marks the winter solstice, the shortest time of day of the year

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