Juan Toscano-Anderson and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors celebrate a 147-116 win over the Dallas Mavericks

For the second time in four games, Curry scored double-digit three-point points on a 111-105 win – this time 10 – as it usually does when Curry catches fire (he had 40 points total), flooded compilation videos and other clips of his performance fast the social media

And the best clip against the magic came mid-fourth quarter when Warriors forward Juan Toscano-Anderson caught the ball on the edge and swung it across the pitch into a wide-open curry (always a good call) Toscano-Anderson hosted one of the best celebrations in the NBA: If you’re so sure your teammate will bury the jumper you start celebrating before the shot even hits, of course, Curry got the shot

Bleacher Report was tweeting at the moment but referring to Toscano-Anderson as “Steph’s teammate” which is a bummer! Toscano-Anderson has had a strong, underrated season, being an integral defensive player and rebounder (8 (4 boards per game in his last five games) while the Dubs are without their centers injured

To establish his reputation, he called up B / R’s Twitter account accordingly

Shortly thereafter, Curry entered the fight to defend Toscano-Anderson – while also making sure that his name was mentioned

The Bleacher Report account hasn’t replied to either player yet, but I’m sure a long apology is in the making for the iPhone Notes app

Stephen Curry

World news – AU – Juan Toscano-Anderson calls on Bleacher Report for failure to act

Source: https://www.sfgate.com/warriors/article/Warriors-Juan-Toscano-Anderson-Steph-Curry-call-15946038.php