When Joe Ingles clashed with the Dallas Mavericks on Saturday, he was just shy of two 3-pointers to overtake John Stockton for first place on the Utah Jazz’ all-time 3-pointer list

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Ingles sat at 844 triple and splashed two threes home in his career in 1504 games in the first quarter of Saturday’s 120-101 blowout win against the Mavs, who skipped Stockton to take sole first place 845 threes hit Ingles took less than 500 games to take the lead

Known as a three-point shooter in his days in the NBA, Stockton finished his career as a shooter 384 percent from the depth 15 attempts for his career.Ingles has never averaged less than 2.6 threes in a season has a career try average of 42 three per Play at 408 percent clip My goodness, how times have changed

With this triple, Joe Ingles overtakes John Stockton for the most three in the history of the @utahjazz franchise!
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Ingles have to throw long balls if he is to stay at the top for some time His teammate Donovan Mitchell has already started his climb up the 3-pointer list of jazz. Mitchell currently ranks fourth on the list, less than 100 threes away from Gordon Hayward, who is in third place Mitchell has since joining the League has made at least 173 threes each year, and it won’t be long before he targets Ingles to finish first

The Aussie also has a chance to endorse jazz frontrunners this season, Ingles currently ranks eighth on the list and has a real chance this year to overtake both Pete Maravich and Jeff Hornacek, who is fifth in Andrei Kirilenko , could even be in play this season, except for major interruptions in Ingles’ season

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All things considered, Ingles leaves a legacy in Utah that many would not have predicted from the startNot bad for an Adelaide fighter

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Joe Ingles

World News – AU – Joe Ingles: Utah Jazz striker hands John Stockton first place on all-time franchise list with three pointers

Source: https://www.sportingnews.com/au/nba/news/joe-ingles-utah-jazz-forward-passes-john-stockton-for-first-place-on-the-franchise-all-time-three-pointers-made-list/ji7tq49kpiny15na9gu2f6mc0