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JENNIFER Lawrence was injured after glass exploded in her face and “caught the eye” on set when production of her upcoming film Don’t Look Up was discontinued

According to page 6, the 30-year-old was injured when an explosion that shattered glass unfortunately caused glass to come into contact with Jennifer’s eye

However, the insider informed the point of sale that even though Jennifer caught a glass in her eye, she was “okay” “

The Boston Globe also went into details of the stunt in which a trash can was thrown into a window and fragments flew in all directions – one of which intersected with Jennifer

A photo by Marc Vasconcellos shows Jennifer after the incident when people came to her aid

The film, which is currently being shot in Boston, was set for the day after the terrifying turn of events

Jennifer and Leonardo, 46, play two astronomers who make it their business to take a media tour to inform the public that a meteor is about to crash on Earth in six months

The film has many strong minds including Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett, Timothée Chalamet, Matthew Perry and Ariana Grande

It was a rough few months for Jennifer when her family farm in Kentucky was charred by a “terrible fire” in November “

One of the barns on the property burned down completely, as the family said at the time they “mourned the loss of years of hard work and memories” that went on behind those walls

The Oscar winner’s parents and brother, Blaine, run Camp Hi-Ho, which offers fishing, swimming, paddling, horseback riding, archery, and crafts for children and teenagers

They said in a statement: “Words cannot describe the pain we are in, but we are incredibly grateful to the Simpsonville Fire Department and all of the other firefighters who responded to our emergency. You are true heroes “

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Jennifer Lawrence

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