“When the President asked me to serve in this role, we discussed the importance of bringing truth and transparency back into the briefing room and he asked me to make sure we were aware of the guidelines in Communicate to the entire Biden-Harris administration and the work his team does every day on behalf of all Americans. There will be times when we see things differently in this room – I mean, among all of us, that’s okay, that’s Part of Our Democracy Rebuilding trust with the American people will be central to us in the press office and the White House. “When will President Biden start calling some foreign leaders?” Who is on that first list? And during the transition he didn’t speak to President Putin. Does he plan to do that? And will he talk about retaliation for the SolarWinds attack on the federal government? “” At SolarWinds we talked about it shortly before his inauguration, I should say today we of course reserve the right to react to cyberattacks at any time and at our own discretion But our team is in the process of getting down to earth today, of course. They’re getting on their computers so I don’t have anything to read for you or preview for you at this point. He believes the way to bring the country together is to Addressing the issues we face So that means getting this bailout package from Covid through, getting Democrats and Republicans to look seriously, and having talks about how to move it forward, and it becomes the mechanics, the timing and leave the details of how Congress handles impeachment to them ”

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki hosted President Biden’s administration’s first press conference on Wednesday, pledging to “bring truth and transparency back to the briefing room”

Ms. Psaki’s appearance at the lectern in the White House a few hours after Mr. Biden’s inauguration was intended to contrast sharply with the previous administration, which had verbal battles with reporters and all but abandoned briefings

Unlike Sean Spicer, Mr. Trump’s first press secretary to hit the news media and talk about Mr. Trump’s first crowd at his first appearance in the briefing room, Ms. Psaki conducted a largely civil exchange of information with reporters

“There will be moments when we disagree, and there will certainly be days when we may disagree even on extensive parts of the briefing,” she said to about a dozen journalists in the room. But we have a common goal, which is to share accurate information with the American people ”

Ms. Psaki, a Connecticut native, worked for a Capitol Hill veteran, John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, and Mr. Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns

While Mr. Obama’s second term, Ms. Psaki was the main spokeswoman for the State Department and became Vice Champion of White House Press Secretary when Jay Carney left the White House and was replaced by Josh Earnest in 2014.She was Mr. Obama’s communications director through the end of his term

Ms. Psaki, 42, was a surprising decision when Mr. Biden’s main speaker; She didn’t work on his campaign, but as a CNN commentator and for private PR clients.But Mr. Biden’s familiarity with her during the Obama administration outweighed any benefit to others who helped him win the election

Ms. Psaki started the briefing with an overview of the executive orders that Mr. Biden signed earlier that evening and then answered a series of questions including information about scheduled calls between Mr Biden and foreign leaders answering a question about the government’s response to a recent cyber attack

Ms. Psaki urged Zeke Miller, a reporter for The Associated Press, to ask the first question The move was a return to a boardroom tradition – which asked the wire service the first question – that the Trump administration had abandoned

For reporters and others familiar with pre-Trump administration news, their briefing was extraordinarily normal

“We reserve the right to react to cyber attacks at our own discretion,” said Dr Said Psaki “But of course our team is about to hit the ground today They are sitting down on their computers”So at this point I don’t have anything to read or preview for you”

Jen Psaki

World News – AU – Jen Psaki, Biden’s new press spokesman, promises to “bring back truth and transparency”

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/20/us/politics/jen-psaki-press-secretary-biden.html