When Jason Euell sat down with Paul Elliott of the FA for his interview to coach England’s elite youngsters, the Charlton head coach, Athletic Under-23 was asked about “six things in your life having challenged ” Where to start Euell took a deep breath

Euell was formed by the Crazy Gang, who scored at the highest level with Wimbledon, Charlton Athletic, Middlesbrough and Blackpool but endured bankruptcy, racism and the loss of a child

His reaction to Elliott was so strong that the FA gave him the role of assistant to the English U-18s and now the U-20s and developing talents like Tommy Doyle from Manchester City and Flo Balogun from Also helped shape Arsenal. He helped care for Joe Gomez and Ademola


World news – AU – Jason Euell: Trainer who brings up England’s best in the Crazy Gang school

Source: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/jason-euell-coach-raising-englands-finest-in-school-of-the-crazy-gang-f2fvv8btf