This bride gets into OTT hysteria when she sees the man she is supposed to marry and it’s almost as shocking as the toilet horror we will experience later

Beth, you got a man with his personal electronic massage chair Show some respectSource: Channel 9

A bride who is married at first sight is so disappointed in the man she has to marry on Sunday night that she suffers a hysterical breakdown in scenes almost as shocking as the exposed toilet in the open space, which we have I am forced to testify later

Folks, it’s the part of the show where the producers introduce the two old folks we knew it was only a matter of time

Russells 37 and Beths 39 We’re not even there in person, but we just know that they both smell like hospital and microwave dishes on wheels

Since this is a news website, the key facts and details of a story need to be presented above So here’s this: Russell owns one of those electronic massage chairs – like the coin-operated ones at airports and malls that we’re all too proud of even though we want to

Russell has high standards This shows in both his interior design choices and his criteria for a partner

Annnnd it’s no surprise that the vows he wrote … aren’t … good?

“Me, Russell, take you, Beth, as my crime partner Ah, I mean life. Me my wife Phew Ah, it looks like the auto-correction has really taken a step up here,” he grins and lets go a long silence for the applause of the imaginary crowd

“I promise to appreciate and hold you … as well as my dirt bikes,” he pauses again to cheer the crowd on

“I know that having each other by our side can only lead to greatness. And it would be really helpful to have a pair of hands on the track when the race is on! “He giggles at his own terrible gag when Beth wonders if it’s too late to run away in the sand

“Well done, well done to all experts. Well done to everyone involved. You did well,” nods a satisfied Russell as he waits for calls from Netflix to put him on a comedy special

“He seems nice, but he’s not the guy I’d normally go for,” she says, “I’ll either laugh or cry”

Hey you’re nice to him. He can connect you to a personal electronic massage chair

We push Beth down the beach to take the wedding photos, and Russell is delighted

Talking to Russell is just electrifying, you can feel the sexual tension bounce off you

“Yeah um, I can’t eat gluten and milk,” she replies Ugh, TMI, Beth “And I only eat seafood. So what about you? “

This should be a turning point in their love affair, the guy just revealed that in addition to owning a personal electronic massage chair, he also orders hot fries as a whole meal when he goes to events

You’d better clear up your attitude, Bethany, because if you don’t want him, I’ll jump in

“I think there’s a spark of chemistry we’re going to call it smoldering at the moment. It could turn into a wild fire,” he winks at us and we give him a thumbs up in return

But Beth’s not on the same side.She broke down and we’re pretty sure it’s the hot chips that pushed her over the edge

“I didn’t expect that,” she sobs “I feel like shit because I don’t have the feeling that I wanted!”

Bethany, we are going to tell you something and we are only going to tell you once you have been given a great man who has his own electronic massage chair and holds hot chips for a meal Do you know how many people would kill to get in your Position to be? We all think Russell is a catch!

We tell her to stop being a snob and then push her into the front desk, which is incredibly awkward as coronavirus restrictions mean there are no guests and it’s just the two

“These are things I wouldn’t normally eat like yellow carrots pink fish,” he lifts the slope with his fork

“I struggle with him as a person because I’ve never met anyone like him, so I hope something develops in terms of chemistry and physical attraction,” she says before setting a threat. “I’m about to get up to go out and get on a plane and get off this whole thing ”

In the meantime, two more sad sacks are getting married. They are called Belinda and Patrick. She says she has never had a boyfriend and we just assume he has never had a girlfriend

It should come as no surprise that at the wedding reception she decides to perform an interpretive dance

And when they check into their honeymoon suite, they find that the bathroom is in the same room as the bedroom, with no partitions, the shower and toilet are in the middle of the room

“Is … is that … an open toilet? There’s no door, ”Belinda shudders as she pans up and down the walls with her palms, hoping to find some sort of partition or curtain

“From meeting her yesterday to shit without a door? It’s one extreme to the other, ”says Patrick His stubborn tuft of hair still refuses to settle down

As Belinda and Patrick use Microsoft Excel to create a schedule that dictates when each can use the toilet without the other being in the room, we return to the dream couple Russell and Beth

She’s still in the mood, but then he gives her jewelry that looks like it was bought on the TVSN channel and she knows she has to accept it and play nice

Love is so beautiful to look at. We see electronic massage chairs for him and her in their future

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