In case you missed the first few episodes of MAFS, the drama with this season’s officially named villain is in full swing (* coughing Bryce coughing *), alleged love triangles and some allegations of fraud

At the center of part of the drama is the charity’s CEO, former AFL professional player and personal friend of Fev, Jake Edwards

Since marrying blushing bride Bec this week, Jake has stopped an onslaught of criticism for his super awkies kiss attempt and some pretty brutal cheating allegations from his ex-fiancé

Fifi, Fev & Nick brought Jake on the show to answer for some of that juicy MAFS gossip and to talk about his mental health campaign

Jake tells us how the producers manipulated that awkward moment between themselves and & Bec, whether his ex-fiancé’s allegations were in any way founded, and why he didn’t wear a wedding ring during the interview

We also hear all about Jake’s crusade to educate young children and soccer players about mental health awareness through his charity, Outside The Locker Room

Jake Edwards

World News – AU – Jake Edwards is caught by Fev for not wearing his wedding ring