Saturday 23 January 2021 at 8:00 a.m.

In the third episode of “It’s a Sin,” viewers were told a shocking, nerve-wracking story in which the key figure and resident of “The Pink Palace” was diagnosed with HIV / AIDS

* It goes without saying, but for those who haven’t seen the third episode of It’s A Sin, huge spoilers are imminent *

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It’s a Sin Episode three begins in March 1986 when Ritchie (Olly Alexander) auditions for acting roles in London, while Roscoe (Omari Douglas) has just spent the night across town in a swanky apartment owned by politicians (played by) Stephen Fry) he later meets

Colin (series star Callum Scott Howells) was sacked at the end of episode two after his creepy boss discovered the AIDS literature Colin was referring to at Jill’s request in New York, but the Welsh 20-year-old is beginning The third episode was still happy and was even advertised at his new job, the local print shop

The plot takes an unexpected turn, however, when Colin has a seizure at work that collapses on the floor before hallucinating later on at home in Wales, having another stroke that his mother is diagnosed with: HIV / AIDS

Considered a “public threat”, Colin is imprisoned in the hospital, where he is left in a sparse-looking room reminiscent of the one where his former mentor (Neil Patrick Harris) died at the beginning of the series >

Meanwhile, Colin’s struggling mother is ostracized and excrement is sent through the mailbox (apparently from her neighbors after learning of Colin’s diagnosis), but Jill (Lydia West) comes to the rescue, contacts lawyers, and arranges for Colin to be let out

In one heartbreaking, tearful scene, a confused Colin is officially released and reunited with his mother in his hospital room, where he bursts into tears: “Oh mom, let her do something! I don’t want to die ”

Back in England later in the episode, Colin’s illness caused him to lose all inhibitions (he even tries to masturbate when Ritchie visits him) It is an additional, unexpected cruelty to the disease. When his mother sobbing says, “It’s bad enough that he dies”

Towards the end he talks about “the soccer jersey”, but his Pink Palace family cannot understand what he is trying to say. It is only after Colin dies that the viewer learns what he was talking about

Right at the start of the series, we saw Colin examine his landlady’s grumpy grown-up son who was wearing a soccer jersey.And in a flashback in episode three we learn that Colin slept with the young man and was likely to contract HIV, when the same landlady marches into the AIDS department, presumably to visit her son

While Colin is a fictional character created by Russell T Davies, his plight is based on a real-life case from the 1980s

In 1985 Conservative Health Secretary Ken Clarke enacted powers to keep AIDS victims in hospital against their will. These powers were later used in Manchester when a 29-year-old gay man with AIDS applied for permission to go home for the weekend and was instead detained in the isolation unit at Monsall Hospital

As the creator Russell T Davies in The Guardian wrote: “In the 1980s, unsung and unsupported crusaders did an amazing job. In 1985 a man with AIDS was actually detained in a UK hospital called Monsall in Crumpsall. A court order was made at the request of the man’s advisor locking the door and denying him the right to go The case was organized into one of the first activist riots gay groups and campaigns Ten days later the order was withdrawn The fight was only just beginning ”

It’s a sin that continues on Channel 4 on Fridays at 9 p.m. All five episodes are now available on All 4 Looking for something else to watch? Check out our TV guide

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It’s a Sin

World News – AU – It’s a Sin Episode Three Summary: The Story Behind The Show’s Shock Death