A low off the coast of North Queensland has intensified into tropical cyclone Niran, bringing high winds, heavy rainfall and potential flooding to coastal communities

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) forecaster Rosa Hoff said the system could upgrade to category three status later in the week while staying well offshore

“Although a direct coastal crossing is unlikely, we are already seeing severe weather effects from the system and will continue to see them for the next few days before the system retreats further into the Coral Sea “She said

ABC Emergency has put together a checklist for you to make sure you are prepared for storms and their aftermath

“We have already seen an increase in strong gusts of wind, with storm winds, heavy rainfall, and unusually high tides affecting coastal and island communities

“It will take a few long days for the communities in the region,” said Ms. Hoff

Communities between Cape Flattery and Lucinda are in the warning zone A flood watch is issued for catchment areas between Cooktown and Rollingstone

Yesterday’s wild weather left the power supply of more than 40000 properties from Cairns to the Cassowary Coast disrupted

If Floods Could Cut You Off, Prepare ABC Emergency has compiled a list of things to do if you are affected

“We have breakdowns all along the line, which makes it all the more difficult for our crews,” said Ms. Oliveri

“Everything is changeable in these conditions and crews may not be able to get to certain areas if roads are disrupted due to local flooding”

Peter Rinaudo, area director of the State Rescue Service (SES) in Cairns, said they received about 80 calls for help yesterday and the crews were working to clean up the backlog

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“We had quite a bit of rain in the region so the catchment areas and the soil are pretty wet, “said Rinaudo

“Some of our gusts are going up at around 150 to 90 miles [per hour] – it knocks over some of those trees and pulls power lines down

“There is not much [we] can do about roof leaks – when you have wind speeds of 85 kilometers per hour, holding onto a tarpaulin is not very good”

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World News – AU – “It will be a few more days”: North Queensland prepares for tropical cyclone Niran

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